Russia invades Ukraine Feb 2022

Started by Main Street, February 12, 2022, 09:38:45 PM

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Still no official confirmation apparently
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Aye by the Ukrainians.  Haven't a clue whose doing what out there

Why would the Ukrainians target him when it was obviously only a matter of time before Putin did it for them.
Also if they had the capability to reach this far into Russia, accurately enough to take out a private jet, I'd imagine he wouldn't have been top of their target list.
Media with links to the Wagner group are reporting that it was Russian military that shot the jet down (according to the BBC), which seems far more likely

Of course, the conspiracy theory is that he wasn't on board at all and that this was just a mechanism to "disappear".

From the BBC.

Grey Zone reports that a second business jet owned by Prigozhin landed safely in the Moscow region.

Apparently, he always has 2 of his planes flying to make it harder to identify which he was on.

Though, seemingly, he ignored protocol by flying with Utkin a couple of times already. For both of them to be gone is effectively the end of Wagner, but if one remained, then it would still be viable.


Economist and Columbia University professor Dr. Sachs elaborates on the role the U.S. has played on the Ukraine-Russia war.

Jeffrey Sachs ON RISING: Zelensky & MSM Are LYING About Nord Stream, Ukraine War
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