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GAA Discussion / Fawning over Mayo
« on: July 03, 2018, 10:23:05 AM »
The heat wave is making people delirious.

" they're the best team to never win an All-Ireland but contrary to the history books, this is a team full of winners." 

Its getting to embarrassing levels now on Social media and indo media fawning over the peoples champs.

The only sure thing on annual basis in the GAA that Mayo would not win the all Ireland. 

GAA Discussion / Kerry set to dominate Football at all age levels.
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:07:02 AM »
Kerry set to dominate.

Kerry minors 4 in a row, by a score line like that, what a team and congrats to them.

If you look at Dublin, 1 minor in over 20 years, beaten by this Derry team, beaten by Meath also this year, U-17s beaten by Meath too (or does money only win you things starting at U-21  ;)) but Kerry look like they are a doing the right thing down there, putting the right men in place and putting the right amount of money into the development squads and they are certainly not short of a few bob with a billion Euro company sponsoring them. Looking now to build a centre on excellence, the Kerry fund raisers, especially in the states generate big amounts. I heard a story before that the Kerry U-16 girls team was using GPS trackers, that's serious.

Anybody nervous about this and if, say in 5 or 6 years start to dominate once again, win 3,4, 5 in a decade or 2 or 3 in a row, what then, will their be calls to split them like their regional championship teams. North Kerry Etc. Will their be calls to cut their funding and sponsorship. Will people say football is dead.

I say fair play to them and best of luck.

The vultures are circling throughout the land with the smell of blood lingering from Jones road. They want Dublin beaten, they don't want Dublin to do 3 in a row, it will be bad for the game they say, we cannot let this happen they say. This thought process will filter through to every fan, every Croke park official  and every officiating team, give them nothing will be the cry. The greatest team of all time who have shown certain counties how to play the game in the right way, the beautiful total football displayed time and time again, the humility of the management and players, the gentlemen like approach to media and fans, the volunteer work they do not highlighted in the media, whether it be feeding the homeless around Dublin City centre or the hours and hours of visiting kids at camps, mini-leagues, hospitals.

The players get vilified at every chance, one of the greatest players for club and county to play the game was witch hunted for a suspension. A conspiracy that will come to light in later years, the masses celebrated for 4 nights and 4 days, they sneered and cheered. They also sneer at their manager,  the most astute, down to earth, calm, gentlemen, with a great mind, who serviced his country through his career in the armed services and who served his county as a player, coach and management. They sneer at him, why, is it jealousy, is it that they so want to be like him, his loyalty to his players, his county?

The GAA and all officials knows what's at stake here, they won’t state it publicly but its in their thought process, Do every to help the opposition against Dublin. The Media know it too. The media hate Dublin, hate that the players won’t talk to certain journalist, hate writing the same pieces every September.

Now at the semi-final stage, playing good opposition, but not better, it is a general feeling in the capital that the only way Dublin will be beaten is bad officiating in whatever form that may take, a non-red card, a last minute free against or opposition cheating like diving of the opposition, sledging by the opposition, some old traits to come out from a time long past. The world and its mother hoping Dublin are beaten so they can sneer and cheer and write abusive comments on social media and GAA forums.

You may not get that chance and it will be a case of who's laughing now.

Kind regards

The Greatest

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