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General discussion / Re: Is FF gone as a party?
« on: April 15, 2021, 01:20:44 PM »

What sort of economic policy would SF run?
You won’t get an answer to that from a SF supporter.
Someone else is going to pay for it, so it really doesn’t matter !

I look forward to seeing what they actually do. They’ll be the biggest part after the next election, absent a complete collapse.
FF and FG should of course not go into coalition with them due to their diametrically opposed policies and strategies. So they’ll need to get the parties of the left to come together, if they don’t get the overall majority. That’ll be interesting.

Any economists out there like to describe the current FFG economic policy?

Well for example, today's news on economics includes:
- projected growth of 4.5% in the economy this year
- despite the damage wrought by Covid, the economy has been resilient and tax income has held up better than expected
- Modified Domestic Demand, which focuses on the domestic economy, is forecast to grow by 2.5% in 2021 and 7.5% next year

Wheres it all going?
What the SF line of "Just to the rich"?

Pre Covid we were as close to full employment as you can get. Probably would be full employment but our social welfare payments are well in excess of our nearest neighbours.

Pre Covid, the following stats would make very interesting reason and comparisons to other countries:
- % of people who go on regular foreign holidays
- % of people who eat out in a restaurant once a month or more
- % of people who subscribe to Netflix
- % of people who have a least 1 gaming system in the house
- % of people who have a car

I've a strong feeling we'd be high up.

Certainly the UN and other bodies who do "Best places to live" / "qualify of life" analysis, puts Ireland as almost always one of the Top 10 places in the world to live and often closer to the top. In the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, we'd scraping into the Top 50.

As I've said before, FF and FG are a long way from getting everything right, but by in large economic policy in the last 30 years has been pretty good, notwithstanding the crash.

So why are FF & FG at a lower combined total of the vote than they ever have had in history? We are amongst the happiest people on earth, we have a great economy yet we are turning away from the parties that delivered it? I am not sure this all stacks up Hound.
Why did 74 million Americans vote for Donald Trump to be their president?

But in an Irish context, I believe that mistakes get focussed on much more than successes. Some people say that FG and FF don't get criticised in the media. I think that's a load of nonsense and belongs on the conspiracy thread, similar to unionists saying nationalists get special favourable treatment from the PSNI.

You might get away with the odd thing here and there, but in general mistakes are front page news, they are analysed and scrutinised and there's lot of outrage and often exaggeration.  And (apart from the exaggeration piece if that happens) that's exactly what should happen. The government should be accountable for their mistakes.
But when they get stuff right, there's not a whole heap of credit going around, "they're doing their job". Those things I listed above seem to be taken for granted by a lot of people.

Economic policy over the last 3 decades has been very successful, when judged in totality. That's really unarguable, even though some very poor decisions were made by FF around the crash. And people in general would criticise the mistakes of the crash a lot more than give credit to the way the economy has gone since then. In particular in recent years they learned a lot from the mistakes of the crash which resulted in the economy surviving Covid a lot better than expected. But you see don't see too many headlines or social media posts about that.

From an academic viewpoint, I would be fascinated to see how a SF / left alliance would govern this country. I would worry (a lot) that they could jeopardise the economy and drive down employment levels, but maybe they wouldn't and it'd be interesting to see. But when I hear people say "well they can't do any worse than the current crowd", then I think "gobshite". Because certainly that's very possible!

Agree with most of that.
Of course SF could do worse. But I do think their ability to change anything dramatically would be limited. Certainly if they only got one term.  I’ve seen first hand how much power the departments have. Change happens at a snails pace, and only when they want it to. Ministers come and go and the civil servants know this. They’ll have the attitude of “we’ll just wait this minister out”.

General discussion / Re: Premier League 20/21
« on: April 11, 2021, 03:17:10 PM »
West Ham ain’t hanging back

Flying. Champions league race is very interesting. Leicester looking over their shoulder now, but have a lovely run of 4 games coming up to steady themselves.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: April 11, 2021, 02:07:50 PM »
Clearly offside

Are you high

I’m  taking the piss, VAR has ruined things like goal celebrations and these ‘close’ calls are a pain, but it’s the same for everyone, Pool fans believe they are being shafted more than most

I think most fan bases feel the same, as one does not pay as much attention to when other clubs get done in the same way. Yesterday’s decision was ridiculous. But no different to how Villa got done in the last minute against West Ham when Watkins (thought he had) scored an equaliser. And I’m sure West Ham fans can tell a similar tale etc etc etc

General discussion / Re: Premier League 20/21
« on: April 05, 2021, 09:06:36 PM »
Lingard is fairly finding form. Scored a great goal again tonight.

With the run in they have, they really do have a chance of 4th. Would be some achievement.

General discussion / Re: World Cup 2022
« on: April 01, 2021, 03:37:02 PM »
Yes this Im amazed there is not more chat about this in England. Southgate is a terrible manager. A brick could have got England to the semis of the world cup the way the draw opened up. When they played anyone half decent ie Croatia and Belgium twice, they lost. The current England squad is great but with that manger they are being held back big time.

its not the first time England had a great squad though.

Around 05 they had Cole, Terry, Ferdinand, Beckham, Lampard, Scholes, Gerrard, Owen, Rooney
96 they had Seaman, Pearce, Adams, Gazza, Ince, Shearer, Sheringham

Both of these periods could have been seen as really good teams but when it comes to the big tournaments they completely shit in the nest.

Their media do them no favours mind you

I think there is more depth there now. The first 11 may have been very strong (on paper at least) for those two eras, but there wasn't strong back up across all positions. I don't think they had a quality left sided midfielder for either era. They almost have too many options right now, and when they inevitably f**k it up Southgate will have all the Captain Hindsight's telling him he picked the wrong players.

Qatar are the current Asian champions, having beaten Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Japan on the way to that title - all World Cup regulars. They're ranked in the mid-50s in the world, just about a dozen places below Ireland and in and about the likes of Israel, Finland and Bulgaria - countries that we've always struggled with, under every manager. Anyone expecting us to rock up and trounce them just hasn't being paying attention to the trajectory of either country over recent years.

It begs the question, how can we be ranked so highly? It must be gravity alone keeping us afloat.

4 year time span. The good start made to the 2018 qualification is now out of scope, so can expect a rapid drop in places.

We are drawing with a bunch of plumbers. We haven’t the players

They are the Asian champions
That’s like saying they are Lory Meagher champions. Hardly means they’re the gold standard

So there is the “gold standard” and “a bunch of plumbers”, with nothing in between? Nuance is dead.
They’re not a bunch of plumbers but ffs they’re a poor side we should be thumping if we’d anything about us. There’s massive problems in Irish soccer and sacking Kenny won’t fix that.


We are drawing with a bunch of plumbers. We haven’t the players

They are the Asian champions
That’s like saying they are Lory Meagher champions. Hardly means they’re the gold standard

So there is the “gold standard” and “a bunch of plumbers”, with nothing in between? Nuance is dead.

In relation to point 2. Does your county allow minor players to play other sports?

It's not unreasonable if you enter a pro or semi pro acadamy involving a contract that 2 and 3 kick in

I am not sure what they are told but in soccer you effectively sign for a new team (the league of ireland team)so it would be illegal for you to play with your own club. There is a young lad from our GAA club on the county minor team and I see he is still playing soccer with his local team. I am sure at certain times of the year when GAA minor is going into championship that he has to step away but thats a whole other world than signing your name on the dotted line of a contract.

I misunderstood shark - I thought he was referring to late teens. If you are 16 and in the Cork City or Munster acadamy you shouldn't be playing multiple sports. That isn't a thing for 12 year olds

Yeah he actually said 15 and 12 (when referring to his own son) in the same post.

In relation to point 2. Does your county allow minor players to play other sports?

It's not unreasonable if you enter a pro or semi pro acadamy involving a contract that 2 and 3 kick in

My county certainly does. Beggars can’t be choosers.

There is no issue with kids becoming sport specific at a certain age. It has to happen at some point for the most talented, if they want to reach to top.  I’m no expert as to what that age should be, but it certainly shouldn’t be 12 or 13 like is being mentioned above.
I know a few lads who were on the FAI/LOI track as teenagers. The post above about training sessions being no fun is one I have heard from them all. They wanted to make it their #1 sport, but ultimately they just enjoyed it more in their GAA club.

Ireland have been underwhelming for a long time. They qualified for the Euros in 2012. Last in group. In 2016 they got to the last 16. The Euros have been diluted to include about half of the countries. No World Cup.since 2002.

Looking at Serbia during the week, most of their journeymen don't play in England. Maybe they get better experience.
But they probably don't earn as much money as the Irish players.

Serbia drew 2-2 with Portugal and are ranked above Ireland in the world rankings. They have players who play for real Madrid, Inter Milan, Man Utd amongst others and have a stronger squad than Ireland.

Kolorov is 35 and doesn't start for Inter, he is a squad player at the end of his career.
Matic did not feature against Ireland.
Whos the Real Madrid player?

Jovic. But doubt he will ever play for them again.

General discussion / Re: European Leagues.
« on: March 10, 2021, 03:00:21 PM »
Pirlo bound to be under pressure now especially given their league position??

That was the best game of soccer I have watched in quite a while. The pace and skill and commitment was outstanding and it makes the PL look like a second rate competition.

Is the premier league not widely accepted as being behind the champions league in terms of quality? It stands to reason that the competition with all the best teams in Europe will be of higher quality than the competition with all the best teams in England.

General discussion / Re: The Super(ish) Leeds United Thread
« on: March 10, 2021, 11:00:15 AM »
It's unusual for teams midway in the table at the beginning of March to get relegated. Usually the teams in the bottom 3 are justified in employing the beal bocht. Relegation typically involves structural problems which Leeds don't seem to have.

Although not unheard of. There's usually one team who goes on a bad run in the Spring and gets dragged down into things. I agree the nature of the way they are playing suggests more points will be accumulated somewhere but it's an unwritten rule that  if you follow Leeds, nothing can ever be taken for granted.

This gets mentioned every single season around this time. You’ll hear it said right across the media. It’s not based on reality. If you’re not in the bottom 6 with 12 games to go, then you’re not going down.  The points total for 17th this season is likely to be slightly higher than last season (Villa got 35). 38 will almost certainly be enough. Leeds have 35 now. Will likely end up 45-50 points. 11th or 12th.

General discussion / Re: Premier League 20/21
« on: March 01, 2021, 10:50:16 AM »
Random question... how is Christian Benteke a premier league footballer? He has been awful for years.

And he's almost certainly on over 80k a week.

He was unreal at Villa. Never worked out after that. Palace seem to be fond of taking a punt on these duds, Benteke, Batshauyi, Sorloth, Adebayor, Chamkh (spelling), Remy, Tosin.

Something I've never understood about modern football in which managers are regularly kicked to the side like dirt, how such underperforming, clearly uninterested and unmotivated players continue to stay on the merry-go-round picking up huge wages.

They'd have to pay off his wages in full, so it doesn't create a saving. And it's not as if he is contributing zero. Scored the winning goal in their "derby" last week. Managers are paid off in full because they want to replace them. Can't have more than one manager knocking around the training ground.
When Palace signed Benteke and gave him his big wages it didn't look like such a bad move. As you said, he was unreal at Villa. He didn't fit at Liverpool, but he still scored 1 in 3 , or thereabouts. He won't get 80k or whatever in his next contract. certainly not in Europe.

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: February 28, 2021, 09:16:26 PM »
Would have been a tough decision to give penalty, thought Utd played reasonably well, both teams had chances and a fair result.

Chelsea look to have pushed on from Franks reign but they’ll definitely get better once he puts his own stamp on that team with his own players next season.

Leicester seem to be free falling at the minute, they could drop out of top four

Lost 2 in a row at home, injuries to Barnes now. Where was Madison today?

Free falling? They’ve lost 2 league game this year. And have a very nice run of fixtures upcoming.

They lost at home today. Previous home game they beat Liverpool.
Madisson picked up an injury in their win against Villa last weekend.
Next 3 league games against Burnley , Brighton and Sheffield United.
They may not make champions league - but there are no signs that they are faltering yet.

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