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Started by BenDover, October 10, 2011, 11:30:56 AM

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Hi I'm keen to know if there any other posters here in the same situation that me and my wife are in, trying to decide on a nursery school for jr! I'm quite keen on sending him to the Naiscoil and from there into the bunscoil and after rang7 he can decide if he wants to go to the Meanscoil or another secondary school. Do any of you have your kids in a bunscoil and what so you think are the advantages compared to a non-Irish speaking setting.

I've Irish up to A'level all be it a bit rusty now but the OH is worried about the homework situation and not being able to help.


Just thinking out loud about this, but will being able to speak Irish be of any actual benefit to your boy? It's a bit like making sure you pack your male moisturiser when you're going to the pool, when togs & towel are the things you really need, while shampoo, deodorant and hair gel will make you presentable afterwards.

Croí na hÉireann

In a similar situation myself BD. The best school in the parish is a Gaelscoil and the missus is worried about helping her with her homework despite herself getting an A in the Leaving. We asked to put her name down in a couple of other schools nearby but the Gaelscoil were the only ones who wanted to meet us in person. The principal not only talked us through how his school operated but what our options were and how other schools operate with seeking booking deposits and the like.

From what I gathered the kids speak Irish once they enter the gates and English once they head home in the evening. Learning a second language early on will help them with French/German further down the line. A friend of mine went to a Gaelscoil back in the day and she loved it. It's not for everyone though as her brother didn't take to it at all. They ended up pulling him out and he thrived in the mainstream school so he didn't suffer in the long run.

Gaelscoils are definitely increasing in popularity. On the Frontline last week 4 of the top 10 schools for progression onto university were Gaelscoils. The other 6 were fee paying. If I was you I'd set up a meeting with the two of you and the principal, it certainly seemed to ease a lot of the wife's concerns.
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Depending on what he plans on doing with himself when older it could be beneficial for him but there is the other side of the argument that Irish is an out-dated language and of no real use in todays world.... the type of stuff that gets reeled out by our politicians.
But in terms of actual schooling with classroom sizes smaller in the Bunscoil, there is more one to one interaction between the pupil and teachers which will help with his learning & development, the curriculum i'm guessing would be similar to the mainstream education version so he wouldn't be missing out on any aspect. With the 11+ now scrapped and if he wishes he won't have to do a transfer test to go to the Meanscoil.
Thanks for that Croí na hÉireann, my sister went the full way through Irish education and has now started doing it in Uni granted the course is only a few weeks old but the plans they have for her during the year mean she actually will be using the language outside a classroom situation on a regulalr basis.