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General discussion / INLA - Undefeated Army?
« on: May 15, 2021, 12:29:01 PM »
Lots of talk on this forum about the Provos and about how they are supposedly not terrorists, but none about the INLA

Why is that? Why does nobody ever talk about the INLA?

It seems strange because they did the exact same sort of stuff the Provos did

Why are they less sexy and chic these days?

Were these guys heroes? Or terrorists?

General discussion / World Cup 2022
« on: March 25, 2021, 09:39:59 PM »
Scotland 2 Austria 2 FT

Incredible second equaliser by John McGinn after 85 minutes, an overhead kick placed into the far corner from an angle, perfect contact off the sweet spot

Austria had gone 2-1 ahead after 80 minutes with a peach of a header

Some big guns got off to bad starts last night, Holland and Croatia both beaten, France only drawing at home to Ukraine

How can GAA clubs continue to honour this man?

To remove his name would not be to "erase history", as is so often and so wrongly used as a defence of the glorification of such awful historical figures.

It would be to recognise history.

Mitchel claimed that slaves in the southern United States were better cared for and fed than Irish cottiers, or industrial workers in English cities like Manchester. He was explicitly racist, saying negroes were "an innately inferior people"[21] and opining "We deny that it is a crime, or a wrong, or even a peccadillo to hold slaves, to buy slaves, to keep slaves to their work by flogging or other needful correction. We wish we had a good plantation well-stocked with healthy negroes in Alabama."[22][23] In correspondence with his good friend John Kenyon, he stated that he wanted to make the people of the US "proud and fond of [slavery] as a national institution, and advocate its extension by re-opening the trade in Negroes."[24] He claimed that slavery was inherently moral and "good in itself" and stated that he "promotes it for its own sake."[24]

He opposed the emancipation of the Jews, which he considered against the will of God.[25]

In 1857 in Knoxville, Tennessee, he founded a new paper, the Southern Citizen, to promote "the value and virtue of slavery, both for negroes and white men", advocate the reopening of the African slave trade and encourage the spread of slavery into the American West.[21] He moved the paper to Washington in 1859. When the Civil War broke out in 1861 he moved to Richmond, Virginia, the Confederate capital, to edit the powerful Richmond Enquirer.[27] As a spokesman for the cause of the South, he was the first to claim that slavery and abolition were not the cause of the conflict but simply used as a pretence.


Notorious Jimmy G calls out contenders

By You and McKenna,

June 8th, 2019

You think you know somebody's character, and then you realise you don't.

Dublin manager Jim Gavin has dramatically upped the ante on the contenders hoping to stop five in a row this year.

In an uncharacteristic move, Gavin called a press conference on Friday night and proceeded to ridicule Sunday's opponents Kildare for an hour in an astonishing display of trash talking.

Gavin launched into his tirade unprompted after a routine opening question from RTE's Brian Carthy about what sort of challenge he expected Kildare to provide.

“Kildare are little bitches, f**king little pussy bitches. They've been trying to beat us and failing for the entire history of Gaelic football. And they're going to fail again on Sunday, fail in a new and more humiliating way than ever before. We're going to win by 30 points, no, FIFTY points, we're gonna stamp in the faces and trample them into the dirt. We're going to give them a beating they're never gonna forget. They won't be playing no qualifiers after the beating we give them. They'll be tucked up in f**king bed for a week begging for their mammies to give them an egg flip and a cuddle. And they'll never play again.”

Gavin then viciously attacked his Kildare counterpart Cian O'Neill.

“The f**king state of that fat ****. Look at him, the state of him. He's a fat pig, a tub of lard, a porky pig, he's so fat that I'm surprised his arse hasn't been sliced up by Brady Family Ham for public consumption. Bacon Butt is a disgrace – he's an embarrassment to himself and his team. Look at me and my boys - top, elite athletes, winners, toned, ripped, look at us, we're primed to perform to an elite level every time we go out to play. But we want a challenge. And these fat, tubby losers can't give it to us, they roll over and have their bellies tickled every single time. The only elite level athletes in Kildare are horses. Come out you bags of flour, come out and fight me for an hour, show your kids how you got slaughtered by the SuperDubs. HAAAAAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA”

Asked whether Diarmuid Connolly could yet make a sensational return to boost Dublin's five in a row prospects, Gavin was non-committal.

“Listen up, with or without Dermo, we're gonna pulverise everybody again this year. Dermo has a choice, he can be part of the gang if he wants, or he can sit on his lazy hole and go and punch boggers in pubs rather than doing it in Croke Park. It's his choice. Does he want to be a pussy or an assassin.”

The Dublin manager was then challenged about whether the GAA was ploughing too much funding into Dublin, thus diminishing the competitiveness of the championship.

He stood up and shouted “LOADS AND LOADSA MONEY”, before taking €500 out of his pocket and setting fire to it with a lighter. Then he took out a fur coat, a gold chain and sunglasses from under his desk and proceeded to put them on.

“See this”, said Gavin as he pointed to the burning legal tender, “we have so much of this that the Sultan of Brunei would cry if he saw how much we had. We could run the country and build 20 new Croke Parks with all the moolah we have. We could fund the European Central Bank. We could bail out medium sized African countries and write off their debt forever. But they can go and f**k themselves. It's ours, ours, all of it.”

Tickets are still on sale for Sunday's attractive Leinster semi-final double-header at Croke Park, available from,, Super Valu stores and from the GAA's ticket office on Dorset Street, priced at €30 for stand seats and €15 for the terrace.

General discussion / Gary Walsh - Laois player Tweet
« on: March 28, 2018, 04:47:34 PM »
A prima facie case of bringing the GAA into disrepute here, I would have thought.

As well as the obvious toxic misogynism, there's an incitement to break the law contained within.

There's no way this should go unsanctioned by the GAA.

Mayo 1951 survivors have lucky escape as supporters forget to carry out “hit” plan

Irish Independent, September 22nd, 2017

The two surviving members of Mayo’s 1951 All-Ireland-winning team had a lucky escape after last Sunday’s Croke Park final, when a plan by a group of Mayo supporters to mount a professional “hit” on them fell through, the Irish Independent has learned.

Details of the shocking botched “hit” on Paddy Prendergast and Padraig Carney have been provided to this newspaper by a source who was present on the night the shocking plan was hatched.

Prendergast and Carney, both now in their late 80s, are the only members of the last Mayo team to win the Sam Magure Cup who are still alive. Legend has it that following that 1951 final, the victorious returning team ignored a funeral cortege in the town of Foxford, and a local priest was so angered that he put a curse upon the Mayo team that they would never win another All-Ireland while any of those players were still alive.

Mayo continue to wait for another All-Ireland victory, with Sunday’s agonisisng one point loss to Dublin their ninth final defeat in succession since 1951.

It has emerged that the sinister “hit plan” on Prendergast and Carney was hatched by a group of disgruntled Mayo supporters in a Dublin pub on Sunday night.

The source who was present gave the following account: “There were three Mayo men drinking at the next table to where I was and I could hear everything they were saying. They were in a very downbeat mood and became progressively more drunk as the night wore on. Around 11pm, as the Sunday Game highlights programme was drawing to a close, one of them mentioned “the curse” and how Mayo would never win the All-Ireland while Prendergast and Carney are still alive.”

The source continues: “One of the men then opined that the current Mayo team might have one more chance to win the All-Ireland in 2018, but that Prendergast and Carney would have to be “taken out” first in order for victory to be achieved. One of the other men then suggested using either the Kinahan or Hutch gangs to organise a professional “hit” on them. Then the three men all started laughing.”

The laughing of the men was “sinister in tone” according to the source present. “They made no effort to conceal the plan from other people and were talking openly about it. They agreed to discuss the plan again the next morning with a view to paying either the Kinahan or Hutch gangs to carry out the “hit””.

This writer has become aware of the identities of the men, and can now reveal them as “The Supporter”, a 58 year-old man from Castlebar believed to be the ringleader of the plot, “The Brother”, a 56 year-old man from Castlebar, and “The Cousin”, a 61 year-old man originally from Swinford but now living in Dublin.

Approached by this writer as to the sinister nature of their planned criminal enterprise, the response of “The Supporter” was shocking in its tone.

“What? Are you crazy? It was a joke, a bit of black humour. You have to have a bit of black humour about you when you support Mayo. Is this a serious call or a wind up or what?”

“The Supporter” then issued a furious denial about the details of the evil plot and the planned Monday meeting to confirm it.

“Sure meself and the brother and the cousin went back to the cousin’s house in Cashtleknock around midnight to shleep off the drink and none of us thought no more about it. Meself and the brother travelled back to Mayo on the Monday on the train. There was no actual “hit” plan. I didn’t even remember what we shaid the next mornin’, and it’s only come back to me now that you bring it up. We were dhrunk talkin’. You do understand this, yes? "

A Garda source says they are taking the details of the plot “extremely seriously”.

Contacted by this writer, Prendergast and Carney both bravely stated that “they do not feel under threat” from the planned hit.

Sky Sports GAA ambassador O’Callaghan launches new €3m grass roots partnership

Press Release
Sky Sports GAA, September 22nd, 2017

It’s been an incredible year for Con O’Callaghan. Unknown to most outside Dublin GAA circles this time last year, the 21 year-old has exploded onto the national scene in 2017, playing a starring role in All-Ireland victories for Cuala hurlers, the Dublin under-21 footballers, and of course, last Sunday, the Dublin senior footballers as they claimed a fifth Sam Maguire cup in seven seasons.

Yesterday the young Dublin superstar took up a new role as a Sky Sports ambassador, as the station’s new €3m GAA Grass Roots initiative, tying the GAA ever deeper into a deal with the devil which they can never get out of, was launched.

The triple All-Ireland winner is taking all the publicity very much in his stride, as Sky Sports’ Dave McIntosh found out.

Dave: Well, Con, it’s been an incredible year for you. Three All-Ireland titles and an almost certain Young Footballer Of The Year award to come, you must pinch yourself and wonder if what has happened to you this year is actually real?

But before you answer that question, let’s talk about Sky Sports’ brand new €3m grass roots investment in the GAA. As a Sky ambassador, what’s it all about?

Con: Yeah it’s a great initiative. It’s all about the grass roots and putting something back in, but more importantly it’s all about Sky getting the GAA over a barrel and tying them into a deal from which there’s no way they can ever escape. By signing up players like myself to act as Sky ambassadors it gives it a human face and people will be “conned” into thinking Sky’s motives are sound – it’s very easy to use this type of soft focus public relations technique to get what you want – just look at how the media are fawning all over me today and not asking any remotely difficult questions on condition of getting to speak to me at all.

Dave: Yeah it definitely is a great initiative. Where will the money go?

Con: Dublin, I'm sure.

Dave: So, to return to my initial question, what about 2017? What a year it’s been for you. Did you ever think you could possibly have as successful a year as this?

Con: Em, yeah, I suppose in one way I’m surprised but in another this was what I completely expected to happen. I’m just trying take it all in my stride, really, which has been very easy for me. It was great to win the three All-Irelands but they’re gone now as far as I’m concerned and I’m looking ahead now to try and win some more.

Dave: It’s just four days since you followed up your stunning goal in the All-Ireland semi-final against Tyrone by scoring another contender for Goal Of The Year after less than a minute and a half of the final. Tell us about that goal.

Con: Yeah, I suppose I just got the ball and decided to run straight for the goal, and lucky enough it went in.

Dave: There was no emotion from you when you scored it, just like after your goal against Tyrone. Were you not tempted to celebrate in front of Hill 16?

Con: Not really. It was nice to score it but as soon as it went in I was just thinking about how to get in position for the next kickout and pointing at everybody else to mark up.

Dave: So you weren’t tempted to give it “the big one” in front of the Hill? You know it’s the dream of every kid who has ever played Gaelic football in Dublin to score a goal like that and celebrate in front of the Hill?

Con: Not really, no. I’m a very level-headed, emotionless sort of lad so that’s not my style.

Dave: How did you celebrate the victory?

Con: Yeah we had a really good celebration, but Monday was the first day of next season as far as we’re concerned so you can’t overdo it.

Dave: Were there a few drinks had?

Con: Yeah some of the lads had a few, the likes of Kevin, Diarmuid, James and Eoghan, but I don’t drink, myself, so I left that to them.

Dave: Jim Gavin has instilled an incredible work ethic in this Dublin team. That kind of discipline has obviously rubbed off on you.

Con: Yeah, Jim really pushes everybody to be the best they can be. I suppose he’d be a big believer in the Sky corporate motto of “Believe In Better” and that’s the kind of philosophy this team lives by. We’re always trying to bring the battle rhythm to whatever we do, we’re all team-mates but we’re also in competition. I mean if you slept in for an extra hour on a Saturday morning, you could easily find your place on the panel gone, so you have to keep pushing yourself.

Dave: Of course back in the spring you also won an All-Ireland club hurling title with Cuala before following it up with an All-Ireland under-21 football title with Dublin.

Con: Yeah, it was really nice to play hurling as I don’t get to do it that often, and it was nice to win that as I suppose everything always comes back to the club because that’s where you start off. They say hurling is cool in Dublin now and Cuala is a cool name. And then the 21s, yeah, it was nice to win that too.

Dave: Do you think there’s ever a chance you might play hurling for Dublin?

Con: No, not really. I wouldn’t have the time and if you want to play football for Dublin you have to dedicate yourself to it 100% and be professional. I knew that when myself and my parents mapped out my life plan at the age of six. That’s just the way it is.

Dave: You seem to be one these lads that is good at everything he turns his hand to. I did a little bit of digging, and it turns out you have been an All-Ireland chess champion, Young Scientist of the Year twice, speak six languages fluently and were named “Person Most Likely to be Taoiseach” by your sixth year school class. People must be wondering to themselves and thinking, “this fella almost seems too perfect to be true”.

Con: Ah, look, I’m definitely not perfect – I only got 590 points in the Leaving. But yeah, I love the old chess, although I don’t get much time to play it these days.

Dave: Which languages are you fluent in?

Con: Irish, English, French, German, Spanish and Mandarin.

Dave: You’re in college at the moment, at UCD.

Con: Yeah, it’s nice to put something back in. Obviously I was one of the first players to emerge from the Dublin GAA cloning laboratory at UCD so I’m back there working part-time now and trying to help them perfect the techniques to breed another generation of even more perfect footballers than myself who will play for Dublin in 20 years’ time or so. When you play for Dublin you have to remember that you’re only passing through and that the jersey will always have to be handed on to somebody else.

Dave: There must be a great camaraderie between the graduates of that cloning laboratory?

Con: Yeah – there’s a good few of us who are or have played on Dublin teams – Ciaran Kilkenny, Cormac Costello, Colm Cronin, Chris Crummey, Conor Clinton, Conor Connolly, my brother Cian O’Callaghan, then there are others who are still too young but will be great players like Caolan Carthy, Conor O’Carroll and Cathal Conlon.

Dave: Is it a coincidence that your names nearly all begin with the letter C?

Con: No, of course not – that’s how the guys at the laboratory keep track of who we are and how we’re developing.

Dave: As well as your work at the lab you’re doing an internship with Grant Thornton. You must find it difficult to juggle all that?

Con: Not really. It’s all about time management. I just take it all in my stride. It’s only an internship and the bosses are very understanding. They’ve asked me to run the firm from 2019 on so it’s all good preparation.

Dave: And what does the immediate future hold on the playing front for Con O’Callaghan? The club hurling championship resumes this weekend with your Dublin, Leinster and All-Ireland titles on the line? Will you be playing?

Con: Yeah, I will, although I haven’t picked up a hurl since last March. But I’m sure it won’t be too difficult.

Dave: And what’s the future for Con O’Callaghan with the Dublin footballers?

Con: Hopefully to win as many All-Irelands as possible. But to be honest I’d be more worried about actually keeping my place on the Dublin team as there are new cloned perfect players being brought in every year and it’s very competitive.

Dave: Thanks, Con.

Con: No problem, Dave.

Dave: OK lads, unplug him.

Production staff member: He runs on a lithium battery, Dave - check the back of his head and you’ll find where it’s fitted and be able to remove it. I have the charger here and his carrier box is back in the cloak room.


Sean Spicer appointed as new Tyrone GAA Press Secretary

by Damian Gormless, The Cookstown Sizzle, July 22nd, 2017

Tyrone have shocked both the GAA and political worlds with the appointment of Sean Spicer as the county's new official Press Secretary.

In a stunning coup for the Ulster champions, Spicer, who resigned as White House Press Secretary only yesterday, was unveiled at a press briefing at the county's Garvaghey Centre of Excellence this evening.

Furiously chewing on five sticks of chewing gum, Spicer explained his reasons for the unexpected move.

“I love Tyrone and I love Coach Harte, and that's why I've decided to come here” said Spicer. “'Tyrone Power!', as I say!”

“I'm a Republican to the core, and there's nowhere more Republican than Tyrone. I love red states, and there's nowhere more red state than Tyrone – it's the Red Hand state.”

“I love guns, and Republicans in Tyrone love guns too. They hate the government. I hate big government. The people are God-fearing and religious. So am I. The story about the team saying the rosary before each game persuaded me that this is the place I want to be. ”

Spicer says he fully supports the existing policy of Mickey Harte not to talk to RTE. For the rest of Tyrone's involvement in the championship, he will hold a daily press briefing to counter what he sees as the “fake news media” of RTE.

“Coach Harte is a great man. He's religious, God-fearing, supports wealth creators like Sean Quinn and I love his anti-abortion stance.”

“We will not talk to RTE. They are FAKE NEWS. For the last six years they have engaged in a witch hunt against Tyrone and especially against our beloved Coach Harte. Their ratings are falling. Nobody cares about their lies. It's sad!”

Spicer will write a weekly column for the Tyrone GAA website entitled “A View From The Bushes”, echoing his infamous midnight press briefing in the grounds of the White House.

The former White House Press Secretary was impressed by his whistle stop tour around the county this morning and afternoon.

“I dig Coalisland. I love the people. I got to see where Game of Thrones is filmed – man I love that show. The Ulster-American folk park took me back to my roots. They love their country music here too, just like back home. So it feels like home here in the old country. I can't wait to see Philomena Begley play live.”

He has also been familiarising himself with the team he will be representing.

“I saw a video of the Ulster final. It was totally awesome. Coach Harte's team made Tyrone great again. And what a crowd – it was the biggest crowd ever for a Gaelic football match.”

When told that the 32,000 people in attendance at Clones last Sunday was a full 58,000 less than the 90,000 that were present for the 1961 All-Ireland football final between Down and Offaly, Spicer was unrepentant.

“It was the biggest crowd for a Gaelic football match EVER. Period. Just look at the photographs.”

The team's fashion sense also appeals to Spicer.

“The team colours of all-white are just beautiful. All-white is the way it should stay. Tyrone should never go back to red shorts.”

“I love the team's history too. The boys from the Bushes repeatedly taking down Kerry in the 2000s – just like the 2004 US presidential election.”

When one Armagh-based reporter joked to Spicer that the 2008 All-Ireland final featured a group of bearded men taking down the “Twin Towers” in September, Spicer was unamused and briefly stormed out before being presuaded to return by Garvaghey tea lady Nuala O'Hoop.

After six months of service to Uncle Sam, Spicer is now hot on the chase of another Sam.

“I've just come from the White House, but the goal is to end up back in the other White House when we meet President Higgins with the Sam Maguire Trophy.”

As part of the deal to bring Donald Trump's former press secretary to Tyrone, the team's shirt sponsors will change from “McAleer and Rushe” to “McAleer and Russia”.

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