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As has been mentioned on some other sites, Leitrim forward Philip McGuinness sustained a serious head injury playing for his club Mohill last night. He is in a critical condition in Beaumont Hospital. I'm sure everyones thoughts are with him, his family and Leitrim supporters this evening.


Colm O'Rourke has stated than unless users of internet forums can provide some sort of conclusive proof that they are who they say they are (and that they are 'bona fide' GAA supporters), they should not be allowed to comment on GAA matters.

"It should be possible for the GAA, along with internet providers, to have such sites vetted so that only bona fide GAA supporters have access and where they have to use their name and club."

So, in effect, if you're not a paid up member of the junta, Colm says you're not allowed to comment.

Now, i live abroad and am not a paid up GAA club member at this point in time. This means that, by Colm's rules, I can't point out the obvious bias and lack of fair and balanced argument in the first part of his article. I can't point out that, as someone involved in the creation of the head to head rule, he might have some kind of vested interest in only portraying one side of the argument.

And I can't point out that he's completely ignored the fact that there is an imbalance of home and away games in the NFL and, as teams don't play each other both home and away, his rule, which he describes as 'a fair system for all' , is anything but.

But, you see, Colm finds it 'hard to understand what part of fairness causes a problem'. Of course fairness, in his view, is having a dedicated weekly newspaper column allowing him to sound off unopposed on whatever takes his fancy, calling people 'bastards' and 'cowards' along the way, but preventing the rest of us from commenting at all.

Tough **** Colm, we're not going away.
I usually leave it to someone else to start new threads, but seeing as I'm going so well in the spreads comp and everything...

Anyone know anything about Tipp this year? I think theres a few Tipp football supporters on here from time to time. Kerry had 6 points to spare on them in the Munster Final, and I believe it was a round-robin before that, so presumably they won a few games and are a decent side.

From what we've seen of Mayo, from game to game they can be excellent (vs Galway), awful (1st game v Ros) or somewhere in between (2nd Ros game). Hopefully they can set up part one of what we hope will be a Mayo double bill in Croker on August 30th.