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Anyone know of any good websites I can get decent price for a last minute holiday leavin this sunday?
I've checked teletext holidays,, and other usual suspects but cheapest for a week leavin sunday still around £350 each.  Thought i'd get for cheaper than that....Can fly any belfast or dublin.  Would go anywhere!!!
Just to let you all know The Goonies on today Channel Five 5.55 ;D Just phoned the wife from work to get it Sky+ed! Quality viewing tonight about midnight when I'm intoxicated in the house ;D
General discussion / Clerical abuse!
May 20, 2009, 05:09:14 PM
It seems the first thread on this topic has been deleted! WHY?

It is absolutely disgusting the way the catholic church dealt with this unbelievable sickening crime!  They moved priests onto another parish, another small village, or into schools away from parishes (jackpot for the paedos), to continue their brutality.  It makes me sick to the stomach to think the people of Ireland stood by and trusted these manipulators not knowing what was happening, while bishops stood by and watched.  Some priests still have the audacity to lecture on their pulpits about 'living in sin', 'sex before marriage', children out of wedlock'.  Is it any wonder society is the way it is today, attendances at Mass are so low, and enrolment at Maynooth is virtually non-existent when we were all conned by those who were meant to be trusted.  I know it is not all priests but the number of cases which have come to light have been enormous it seems over the last 10 years.

I hope that any of those who suffered can get some small peace of mind knowing that the catholic church has been outed by todays report proving what we already knew.
General discussion / WISDOM TEETH!!
March 31, 2009, 01:58:16 PM
Right lads, lassies, laddettes, after a lot of bother with my wisdom teeth I'm going in next Tuesday to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed under local anaesthetic in the royal.  Can any of you share your experiences of similar so I can know what to expect regards recovery time...eating? Have a few days off work to be on safe side.  I've heard from a couple of others they couldnt eat solids for nearly a week!! I'm reckoning thats the guts of 7-10 pounds I could lose....every cloud....:)
General discussion / Bankrupt business-I lose out!!
September 24, 2008, 05:32:43 PM
Kick in the teeth today and need to write down my anger as I'm F**king pissed off bigtime!
Getting married next week, bought expensive table & chairs (£760 including delivery) from Manor Interiors in Boucher Road retail park a few months back.  Delivery was arranged only at the start of this month for yesterday!  Didn't show up yesterday we rang all afternoon with no answer.  Same thing this morning so I rang business next door and they informed me that it was closed down last Thursday and sent into liquidation!

Rang the accountant dealing with it and they weren't overly helpful as much as said don't be holding out much hope as suppliers have to be paid first and took my name address and telephone number, and to send on our proof of purchase!  The really annoying thing is, that I know our table&chairs is probably sitting in the store room with our name on it, and we have paid for it in full and we can't and probably won't get it!  I know this isn't the end of the world and I'm trying to say that to my wife to be, would be far worse if the hotel shutdown or something, but just a bit aggravating a week before when we have other things to be doing and you plan on having your house perfect!  She spoke to the accountant at her workplace and he said to land down to the accountant that's dealing with it, and say we have a right to go and point out our goods and take them if we have proof of purchase, but when I asked the girl at firm in Befast she said they didn't have the keys!!

Has anyone any similar experiences, or can they offer any further advice?