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Galway v Kerry - Kerry
Roscommon v Donegal - Roscommon
Tyrone v Armagh - Tyrone
Mayo v Monaghan - Mayo

Clare v Limerick - Clare
Dublin v Louth - Dublin
Kildare v Meath - Kildare
Cork v Derry - Derry

Cavan v Fermanagh - Fermanagh
Westmeath v Tipperary - Westmeath
Offaly v Down - Down
Longford v Antrim - Antrim

Wexford v Carlow - Draw
London v Laois - Laois
Waterford v Wicklow - Wicklow
Leitrim v Sligo - Leitrim

As a Derry fan it's the most i've enjoyed football for 20 years  ;D. People are quick to judge - we are still in winter, there has been record rainfall and pitches are heavy, let's see what the football is like in the Summer. Remember when Armagh and Tyrone broke through in the early 00s and we had the puke football comments from Spillane. Now we look back on it as a glorious period. I find pre 2000s football almost funny to watch now, there are so many errors and as someone rightly pointed out the score tallies haven't changed much. It's amazing people think that is a better game.

I'm with you there.
I remember thinking the football in the early 90s was just awesome, Down, Donegal, Derry I thought played some amazing stuff.
Even the great Derry v Down 94 game widely regarded as one of the best games ever played. Watching those back now, there are some brilliant individuals but the pace is much slower. Despite the increase in gym activity between then and now, the physicality back then was off the charts in comparison to today. A Shoulder tackle was allowed.
The really frustrating thing in the game today is the complete lack of allowance for any type of physicality. If you look at the shoulders allowed to happen in hurling today, it's night and day between what's allowed in football.

Football has changed, the type of player has changed and the tactics have changed. It's a nonsense to compare football 20/30 years ago with football today as its all subjective. Kids growing up today will look at the county teams now as gods and in 20/30 years time will talk about how good football used to be.
It's just how it goes, nobody is right and nobody is wrong we just all have different view and I honestly believe it's the moments of magic we remember rather than entire games.
From the Derry perspective, the Johnny McGurk point against Dublin in 93 almost stands out more in my mind that any passage of play in the final that year.
Or Peter Canavan getting sent off a few minutes after coming on against us in Clones (I think).
I don't really recall how good we were when we thrashed Limerick at the start of this year.
We remember the tight games, the moments of brilliance and the players with individual brilliance like Tohill, Blaney, O'Se, Moynahin, Sheedy etc.

It would not matter what we changed it will always be better for some and worse for others so leave well enough alone.

I'm going to contradict myself now and say I was totally in favour of the black card. There was a real need to stop the cynical play (mostly by them Tyrone red-arses) and I saw the black card as a means to do that. It has it's problems though. Not sure it went far enough in terms of what it should be issued for, but also I think referee's dont apply it consistently and that is the main failure of it.

If people don't like it then don't watch it. Really sick of this complaining about the state of the game. There are a few tweaks which could make it a bit better but that's about it.

People won't be happy until its just 15 attackers vs 15 attackers scoring 19-100 a game. Defending is a skill and a joy to watch if done right which people forget about.

Thats clearly what people are saying, they aren't watching it unless their own county/ club is involved.

the bit ive highlighted ive agreed with, but the modern game has actually stopped the skill of defending. its now strength in numbers, used to love seeing a corner back strip a ball when a forward tries to take him on 1 on 1. or a Conor Gormley block in 03. Even on defending the forward mark stopped defenders even getting a good chance to dispossess balls from forwards, a forward catches a clean ball and the defender cant even touch him. madness.

Defenders dont actually need to be able to tackle anymore, just kill space and be disciplined in your positional play can carry you through

I fully agree on the forward mark. I don't think it brings anything to the game.
However, I disagree on the defending skills. Covering space is a defensive skill in itself. Over the years I've often heard it said about a footballer always getting into the right place at the right time. That's something that requires skill.
There are also plenty of man markers out there. I'm going to use Derry as the example, Chrissy McKaigue and Eoin McEvoy are exceptional man markers but can also get forward.
The art of tackling can be measured in some part by the amount of fouls committed by a team and in my head (perhaps wrongly), the lower the foul count the higher the level of accurate skilled tackling.

It's all subjective though and I fully get why it annoys some people.
But the game cannot be described as crap due to the opinions of some, because to others the game is exceptional.

I watched 10 minutes of Monaghan and Tyrone and switched it over. Genuinely couldnít be arsed watching Monaghans slow build up, passing the ball across the pitch and back, constantly afraid or unable to slice a pass into the forwards. The outcome looked inevitable within minutes, Tyrone with everyone back, then breaking up field when Monaghan give it away and nick a score.  Boring predictable shite .

Football has become a game that is very difficult to attract a neutral, I struggle to watch games that ive no dog in the fight and anyone I talk to seems to be the same. Hurling still has the appeal that you can watch a game between 2 top teams and it keeps you interested, football not so much.

I don't necessarily agree.
In hurling, unless you are watching some of the top teams, the games can be a really hard watch.
In soccer, the whole approach is to pass the ball around the back and mf to find a gap to attack. No-one seems to complain about those games being boring, rather the skill levels of the players are revered.

Looking back to football of the 90's and to a lesser extent the 00's, football was more dynamic and more attack centred and yes, it can be argued more exciting and a more attractive prospect for the neutral. But the skill levels of players I believe are no-where near the levels of today and the fitness levels now are at stratospheric levels in comparison.

In football today, the top teams are still exciting to watch. The skill levels and fitness levels allow for those moments of brilliance which are enabled by the defensive foundation and approach. I personally find that fascinating to watch.
We still get some real score fests, but generally they are between teams that don't have the same level of players/management/tactics and most importantly finance and so the defensive abilities are not as good as the top 3-4 teams.

Only my opinion and I'm sure others will completely disagree. For me it's the progression of the game in terms of tactics and skills.
20 years ago we would not have enivisaged the way the game is today and I'd imagine in 20 years time it will have evolved again into something unrecognisable to todays players/fans.
It doesn't make it worse, just different and one thing for sure is that if nothing changed, it would become stale and boring and we'd have Kerry/Dublin winning every year and the rest of us would be sitting back dreaming of better days.

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal - A mess
« on: March 23, 2023, 10:16:58 AM »
I can fully empathise with what's happening in Donegal, feels a bit like Derry's freefall to Div 4 a few  years ago when everything was wrong from CB down.

No idea what the answer is, but it could be years before Donegal return as a force with these kinds of problems. Look at the teams in Div2 next year, Donegal, probably Monaghan, Cork, Louth, Meath, Kildare, Cavan and probably Fermanagh.
If Donegal don't get their act together you could see relegation to Div 3.

General discussion / Re: Things that make you go What the F**k?
« on: March 22, 2023, 02:56:38 PM »
not really a wtf because its what i expected

ireland the 4th largest cocaine consumption in the world

The cocaine use  is frightening to be  honest

Itís  reckon ed that cocaine use is  in every  town, village and gaa club  in the country.  When you think about it ,  surely the odds are that  those using it are  all around us.... one of our family members, next door neighbour,; some of our local gaa players , a local teacher  teaching our kids,  the nurse taking  looking after  your elderly relative or doing  your blood test,  taxi driver,  shop assistant,  etc. Mad when you think about it

School kids are huge users.
Was at a coaching course last year and the conversation came up about retaining kids at sport. The coach (who happens to be a teacher too) said that 20 years ago drink was a real problem with teenagers and was one of main reasons kids stopped sports or doing well in school. She said not any more, that drugs were now the issue. They are easier to get than alcohol and cost less, so rather than go out and get pished in the local pub/club, they're staying home and taking coke in the bedroom.
It's frightening.

GAA Discussion / Re: Division 2 2023
« on: March 19, 2023, 06:07:10 PM »
Jesus Clare are very bad!

Derry will make a few in Division 1 look bad next year also. Fairly motoring now and expectations should be to match last years All Ireland semi final spot and give a much better account of themselves in that match should they reach it.

Clare were poor, but  e in no doubt, Derry were not great either.
Never really brought any intensity to the game and really should have had 5 goals.
I'd say it'll be a concern going into championship that we haven't been scoring goals when  we should be.

In saying that, all targets for the year so far achieved.
Div 1 will hopefully be the making of this team and I hope we can push on from last year.
Win ulster again at a minimum now for the rest of the year.


Armagh v Galway - Galway
Kerry v Roscommon -  Kerry
Monaghan v Tyrone - Tyrone
Donegal v Mayo - Mayo

Meath v Dublin - Dublin
Derry v Clare - Derry
Louth v Cork - Cork
Limerick v Kildare - Kildare

Antrim v Cavan - Cavan
Down v Longford - Down
Fermanagh v Westmeath - DRAW
Tipperary v Offaly - Offaly

Carlow v Sligo - Sligo
Waterford v London - London
Wexford v Wicklow  - Wicklow
Leitrim v Laois - Laois

GAA Discussion / Re: Division 2 2023
« on: March 14, 2023, 02:44:02 PM »
Clare are a decent side and could give anyone a game.
I think they are just a little short to challenge for a Div1 slot, but I also think they are too strong to be a Div3 side.
Prob mid table Div2 is about right for them but they could go down. Kildare seem to me to be a Div3 side at the minute for what ever reason. Limerick have been awful.

Down really pushed Derry hard in the McKenna cup, I know Derry have improved since then and I haven't seen Down since, but there are some serious footballers there and they are very physical.
Cavan will feel hard done by after last year.
I feel both could compete in Div2 and maintain their status there.
Clare lost to Kildare by a point
They have Derry and Limerick
Kildare have Meath and Limerick

It looks like Kildare stay up and Clare go down unless Limerick beat Kildare and Clare beat Limerick.

yeah Div2 is a strange league this year, I'm only talking about what I've seen and my opinion on Kildare being Div3 is more about the level they are playing at as opposed to them actually getting relegated.
Clare were unlucky to lose against Dublin.
Meath beat Cork.
So really results have been unpredictable. I could see Clare beating Limerick easily, but I do think Derry will go all guns blazing for promotion and will have too much for Clare.
I can see Meath beating Kildare, but i'd still expect Kildare to beat Limerick.
It does look like Clare and Limerick are going down. Clare would/should give the Tailteann a good rattle.

GAA Discussion / Re: Division 2 2023
« on: March 14, 2023, 12:53:05 PM »
Clare are a decent side and could give anyone a game.
I think they are just a little short to challenge for a Div1 slot, but I also think they are too strong to be a Div3 side.
Prob mid table Div2 is about right for them but they could go down. Kildare seem to me to be a Div3 side at the minute for what ever reason. Limerick have been awful.

Down really pushed Derry hard in the McKenna cup, I know Derry have improved since then and I haven't seen Down since, but there are some serious footballers there and they are very physical.
Cavan will feel hard done by after last year.
I feel both could compete in Div2 and maintain their status there.

General discussion / Re: TV Show recommendations
« on: March 14, 2023, 12:45:22 PM »
Recently started watching Drive to Survive. F1 behind the scenes stuff.
I'm on season one so well behind where F1 is today, but it is fascinating.
My 10 year old twins love it despite never having even watched an F1 race.
I used to follow it years ago, but not in a lifetime. Certainly piqued my interest again and well worth a watch.

General discussion / Re: Depression
« on: March 14, 2023, 12:42:31 PM »
Thanks for all the messages chaps, it does help tbh.
I've mentioned the Van Gogh exhibit and he'd love to go to that so must get it planned in.
He also likes the idea of a tour down the west. We have friend who hires out a camper, I suggested we take it for a long weekend and just head off. Mixed response but I think it would be a good option myself.

Covid lockdown definitely affected my kids.
During lockdown one of my kids was coming to the end of P7, this wee lad was in 1st year and our oldest was in 4th year. This is when they form relationships and friend groups and that was all missed.
We also suspect our lad might be struggling with his sexuality - but no real evidence to this other than that his friends are almost all girls. Its one of those ones where that could be because he has so much anxiety he can't relate to typical teen boy behaviour, or it could be because he might think he's gay.
We would always make sure all of our kids know we'd have no issues with anything like that (and in fact one of his mums Sister's is gay and lives with her partner), but I don't think it would help him if we confronted him about it either.

He used to play football at under age, was a decent wee player but that has all gone now.
I managed to get him to start going to golf lessons with a wee lad who he went to primary with (now at a different school). He actually played at a school tournament last week. I know the teacher in the school who runs it and I explained the craic to him and he persuaded him to go. Think he was awful, but he actually enjoyed it. So perhaps that's an outside interest to keep the head clear. He loves getting to the Derry matches (even the odd Tyrone match), but the night we found him cutting was after the mckenna cup final. He was in really good form that night on the way home, then he went to his room and cut himself. 

All we can do is be there for him, try to get him all the help we can and hope we can get him through it what ever way we can.

General discussion / Re: Depression
« on: March 13, 2023, 11:34:25 AM »
Thanks for all the suggestions, I do like the idea of outdoors actually.
West coast road trip could be the quick win.

That van gough exhibit might be a winner too.

He also has GCSE's coming up, which doesnt help the stress levels. He just can't settle himself to work at anything, apart from his Art coursework.
To be fair, his school are very understanding an helpful.

General discussion / Re: Depression
« on: March 12, 2023, 10:45:39 AM »
As I've said before on here, by teenage lad has had his problems.
He had been doing well and was discharged from CAHMS last november.
His older sister recently saw bloodied tissues and broken razor blades in his room and when I confronted him he broke down and admitted he's been cutting himself.
It's an absolute gut punch.
He was very clever about how he was doing it, up high on his legs close to his groin where his underwhere would hide it no matter the circumstances.
He says he hates himself, feels ugly and useless.
So back to the doctors and he has to be re-referred to cahms which takes a min 9 weeks. GP doesn't believe he's suicidal but every time he closes his bedroom door or takes a bath the panic sets in.
The relief when he comes out is just impossible to describe.

We're really trying not to keep asking him how he is as that upsets him too.
It's just so difficult to know what to do or say to help other than tell him he can talk to us any time.
But he doesnt.

My eldest daugther is away at the moment on a ski trip from school and he'd love to do it. I told him he could go next year when he's eligible but he doesnt want to go away with the school. Says he'd want to do it as a family holiday.
So I'm looking into taking him somewhere for a few days, just the two of us as we already have a family holiday booked for the north coast come summer.

Anyone any suggestions? I was thinking Paris maybe as he loves Art.
Prices are ridiculous though.

Any suggestions that might be suitable for a young lad to see the sights and maybe have some teenager type activities?

Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« on: March 08, 2023, 02:36:51 PM »
It's a kick in the face to some of the other subs, Cassidy or McCarron should been brought on instead of Toner. It end up a situation like J Doherty not getting any game time last year and lads leave the panel, which is already bare thin already. We got no reliable right footed free taker, plus 45 or long range frees, we one of the few teams who keeper doesn't hit them.

Yeah for all the positives of that second half Gallagher isn't showing much faith in the squad he has. Toner works hard he had a poor enough game and hardly warranted coming back on.  It could come back to bite those sort of decisions. Jack Doherty is a loss from that squad.

True. I wonder why panel members would hang about after that. I'd walk and get back in action with the club.

Does no player pull him on it?

Personally, I don't think Gallagher would have anyone on the panel he doesn't feel happy with.
I'm going to guess Toner was a quick option to get on the field as he was already down on the sideline warming down and with wanting to run town the clock as quickly as possible he may just have been the first player in the line of site.
I could be wrong, but I can't think of another reason to not throw Ben McCarron on, for example.
Really it was the last 2 mins of the game.

In terms of the promotion hunt, if Derry lose their final two games and both Dublin and Cork win their final 2 games (though Louth could throw a spanner in the works there and they currently have the same points as Cork), then Dublin would finish on 12 points and Cork and Derry equal on 10. What happens in that scenario? Score difference?

Points against Clare will guarantee it, but that will be no easy game regardless of where Clare currently sit in the table.
Clare must get something out of the Derry game to have any chance of staying up so they will be up for this next game.
Limerick are gone, so really the other relegation spot is between Clare and Kildare.
In this situation Cork would go through on head to head, very important that Derry get a point v Clare. Don't want to be going to Cork needing a result

That is interesting.
So Derry v Clare has the potential to be a humdinger of a game of real importance to both teams.

I've no idea what the thinking was of bringing Toner back on, I was only surmising. But I'd also agree that RG has shown so far he knows what he's at so I wouldn't start questioning his decision making. The other subs he made during the game had a serious impact so I'm sure what ever the reasoning was, RG thought it would help get us over the line.
Lets not go down the road of questioning every decision the most successful Derry manager of recent times makes. We need to hold onto this one :)

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