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GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: Today at 09:23:23 AM »
If they can find a way of making a second tier championship appealing and prestigious it would work but how do you go about that without falling into the Tommy Murphy scenario.

TV exposure is one thing , media ,pundits etc would all have to respect and build it up in a serious manner .

They dont even do that with the main AI competition.

I think a tiered championship is the only way to go, but it will take serious effort from both the GAA and the broadcasters to make it work.
There also has to be a viable route to progress from the secondary competition into the Main AI, in order for it to appeal to players

Hearing a lot about it being a great game. I know we were beat but even during the match myself and fellas around me all agreed it was a bit dull. Some great scores but no massive intensity or atmosphere.

Agree with that. Thought the first half it was pensive. Not a big fan of matching the zone. Hard to watch and little contact in the middle of the pitch.

I thought the crowd was quiet as well until the last 5/10mins

I dont agree about the game, I thought it was a very good contest with alot of high quality from both sides., But i agree with you about the atmosphere.
i thought it was strangely muted., maybe we could put a bit of that down to the drab day, but I find alot of games like that now, lacking in a bit of colour and excitment from the crowd that we used to get.
I would fear that could be the case for the super 8 games as well, if they lack that 'knockout' factor.

GAA Discussion / Re: Football qualifier route 2018
« on: May 21, 2018, 03:48:10 PM »
Just wondering as a Tyrone man - who have we never played in champo of likely opponents in R1 - my head says this but could be wrong:

we have played laois twice in the championship.
Hammered them in 2004 (the day beano broke his leg), they beat us in 2006 qualifier

You say that but I think we were always struggle to keep the close to Monaghan throughout the game, they just pulled away in last 10 mins. Our tactics found out to be honest. To concede 1-18 is very poor considering we would see ourselves as rock hard in defence.

Tyrone led for pretty much the whole first half, monaghan only took the lead in first half injury time

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:33:44 AM »

Apparently Hart had the groundsmen cut the grass extra short around the 45s to make it more difficult for beggan kickin long range frees. That went well.

Its irrelevant who takes over from Hart. The next boy in will no doubt crash and burn but sweet jebus do we just drag on forever?  I had tickets, can nearly see the pitch from the front door but could not be arsed going to watch it.  Glad I didn't. As for super 8s, lets see what happens in the draw. When is it?

You're a strange one

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:20:22 AM »
Coutinho scored a wonder goal last night, wasnt in the game that much, but took his goal really well

I think he will go on to prove a good signing for barca next season when he gets a run of games.

Very enjoyable game, especially considering the conditions and thought Monaghan thoroughly deserved the win. Pulled away when it mattered.

Don't think anyone can give out about Harte's "treatment" of RON. He was brought on to make an impact and at a time they were chasing the game he couldn't get on the ball at all.

Anyone notice the Tyrone strategy on the throw in? In the first half Collie Cavanagh didn't bother competing for the ball and was fully focused on pushing and shoving his man, not even looking at the ball. His man ended up winning the break.

Noticed this too - I think it sums up Tyrone - they seem to be trained to a point where they don't think off the cuff anymore.

Also sorry if already asked but who made the decision for Morgan to come up and hit that free - thought that day was over and looked like Brennan wanted it. Surely the management has to make that call and if they did it was another mistake.

i wish we would just make the call that anything outside 45 isnt really scoreable and try and work those ones short. Anything inside that McAlisky and Brennan should be able to handle

GAA Discussion / Re: Where has the melee gone?
« on: May 21, 2018, 10:33:48 AM »
Looks like the word has got through to the players.........get involved in a melee and you will see red.

There has been a distinct lack of melees in the games to date.

There has also been a lack of atmosphere of atmosphere in games. Linked perhaps? Its always good to get the blood boiling in the mucksavage supporters

There was zero athmosphere at Cavan v Donegal, about 500 travelled from Cavan, Donegal fans only cheered when yer man played his bagpipes. Really sad to see what the Ulster championship has become. Thankfully seemed to be more life in Clones yesterday. Bit of a row should be compulsory to liven things up.

Despite a really good game yesterday, i thought the atmosphere was pretty flat as well

Just noticed Clare number 11 in hurling getting a yellow card for a similar tackle to the one Grimley got sent off for.

That's because his opponent didn't roll around in feigned agony, clutching his face and took it in a manly fashion without trying to get his man sent off.

To be honest I reckon itís more to do with media punditry.

In hurling, the analysts describe anything short of a night in hospital as men being men. So the masses buy into this, and what referee really wants to go against the masses?

Whereas in football, thereís a queue of absolute shithead analysts waiting to denounce anything and everything as GBH, especially when one of their own countyís team is tackled. So everything goes under the spotlight, the public go up in arms, and referees have no choice but to do what is demanded off them.

The levels of diving and injury feigning in our game is directly related to this too.

Agree with you here wobbler

GAA Discussion / Re: Attendances
« on: May 21, 2018, 09:20:04 AM »
Itís become a strange world too though. There was this **** at the game today that every time Monaghan or Tyrone would pass laterally or backwards or slowed down the play, he would loudly proclaim ďah nah not this again, Iím sick of this type of football, I donít want to see this, I thought Iíd seen the end of this last year, wasnít I naiveĒ  etc etc. Several of is included the vicinity from monanghan and Tyrone opined to each other that he was entitled to f**k off and leave us to watch the match in peace.

It was truly bizarre, to the point I wondered had he come to the match and paid in just for the opportunity to publicly decry the state of football and affirm to the masses his disdain for the current tactics in the game. It was like his Twitter account was closed and he had to shout his worthless opinions out on the terraces to fill the void.

I hate the Sunday game bullshit so I rarely watch it. I dislike Joe brolly so I usually make no concerted effort to read his column. I dislike rugby league and Katie Hopkins and Ed Sheerin so I avoid any involvement with those things. But thereís a whole world of people out there, mostly on social media, who take it as a personal crusade to find reasons to be offended on a daily basis.

Sadly he wasnt on his own in Omagh.
I honestly think some people prefer it when its a poor game, just so they can give out about it. Yesterday was a very good game IMO , yet i still heard loads of complaining about the 'style' of football.

GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: May 21, 2018, 09:17:13 AM »
No McDonagh or Ring results given!!!!

Give both those competitions to TG4/Eirsport and watch them flourish.

As for a tiered football competition, RTE would treat it with disdain.

Yep. Only the Senior championship matters for RT….

This is the sort of thing that is putting people off the thought of a tiered championship.
If it was to go that way the GAA would have to put something in their broadcasting contracts to say that  a certain amount of time & coverage is allocated to each division

I have some sympathy for RON here, but we needed players to take the game by the scruff of the neck and demand the ball in that period. Mcalsikey did damage with what little ball went in.
Peter Harte probably should have been taken off by that stage as he offered us nothing either.

Jaysus but where would a man start analysing the game.

MH has to take a lot of responsibility for this loss. I am still a great fan of his but we have to call a spade a spade.

Collie obviously wasnt fit but still started and Brennan seemed to run out of steam. Surely if both boys could only play a certain amount of time they would be better coming off the bench?
His treatment of RON is an absolute disgrace. Used him as a scapegoat.
It is good to see we now have a full forward line rather than 1 player up front but we now have nothing on the 40.

Didnt see the Morgan kick while at the game and genuinely thought Mc Carron was playacting but after watching it at home it was a clear red. What did the umpires see to warrant a yellow?

A few Monaghan mucksavages in the stands would do well to wash their mouths out this morning.

It is certainly harsh to get hooked  again after being brought on as a sub (not the first time Harte has dine this to RON)
but in fairness, he did himself no favours either. He came on in the 18th minute and taken off in the 62nd, and offered nothing in that period, I can only think of him on the ball once or twice.

That's a pretty strong looking Monaghan team on paper.
What sort of form has jack mccarron been in this year?
After a great league last year he had a very disappointing championship overall

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