Author Topic: Lee Keegan - Player of the year or spoiler of the year?  (Read 2717 times)


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Re: Lee Keegan - Player of the year or spoiler of the year?
« Reply #75 on: May 16, 2017, 03:44:08 PM »
You also have a wet one for Connolly. The same player who has driven his knees in to the back of the head of a player who was lying face down on the ground.

If that's what you call 'trying to play the game fairly' then you are seriously deluded.


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Re: Lee Keegan - Player of the year or spoiler of the year?
« Reply #76 on: May 16, 2017, 03:48:46 PM »
Who then fuzzman should have been awarded the prize?
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Re: Lee Keegan - Player of the year or spoiler of the year?
« Reply #77 on: May 16, 2017, 05:33:33 PM »
Good man Lar, at least you're man enough to admit that Keegan does practice the dark arts and I agree he's far from the worst of them. I suppose I just wish he'd stick to playing the ball rather than the man so much.
Did you see him in the league game v Dublin with him holding on to O'Gara so much?
Yes of course Tyrone and other teams done the same but that doesn't make it right. When Cavanagh did the rugby tackle that year Brolly was amazed that Martin Carney gave the man of the match award to Sean. So was I.

He's one of your best attacking defenders and if he wasn't getting involved so much with man handling his man he could be kicking more scores for Mayo. How would he fare in the half forward line?

As you can imagine living in Dublin, I'm keen to see the Dubs get beaten like many others from outside the capital and I've no love for Connolly but I just think Mayo/Keegan are a bit too obsessed with trying to stop Connolly to the detriment of Keegan's own game. You've got plenty other good defenders who could mark Connolly.

What is the point of this thread Fuzzman?? You start off with a fairly black & white stance on Keegan , chief spoiler/cynical/dark arts expert/blight on the game (albeit a talented attacker) who is crushing the beauty of the game and in this case the undoubted brilliant natural attacking flair of Diarmuid Connolly. Then you throw in the odd, there is worse out there than him or he is far from the worst etc....
So what is it?? Is Keegan the evil chief spoiler who was a questionable player of the year winner on moral grounds as the title suggests , or miss used brilliant attacking asset (or arguably redeployed through lack of other defensive options) who plays on the edge physically while defending??

I would like to point out on the miss used attacking threat ala Keegan, that last year Ger Caff (our best man marker) was out injured and our other main man markers Chris Barrett and Stephen Coen were struggling with injuries. With only Brendan Harrison fit as a traditional man marker Keegan was the only other option we had to deploy against the top teams. Higgins and Boyle are brilliant defenders and readers of the game but neither are sticky man markers. Durcan or Vaughan are not specific man markers either.

Some come on Fuzzman stick to your guns or admit this thread, while based on a valid argument, was wrongly focused on Keegan due to sour grapes over the quarter final and the general dislike you and the majority of GAA fans have developed for this Mayo team!!

(or you could be just shit stirring for the fun of it and I would then say to you , job well done ;D )
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