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Derry v Clare - Derry by 4
Dublin v Cork - Dublin by 15
Galway v Armagh - Galway by 2
Kerry v Mayo - Mayo by 1
GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
June 18, 2022, 01:01:20 PM
Quote from: general_lee on June 18, 2022, 10:26:06 AM
Either team could take this. Armagh answered a lot of critics in their last two matches and if they continue with that form they'll be hard to stop. While Galway are well rested, I would question whether that is much of an advantage. Armagh have been training like demons all year so you'd expect they bring that same intensity to Croke Park. I see Jamie Clarke is back on home soil, any chance of a late call up?!

Only if mcgeeney wants to hit the self destruct button.
Roscommon v Clare Roscommon by 3
Limerick v Cork cork by 3

Kildare v Mayo Mayo by 3
Donegal v Armagh Donegal by 4
Mayo v Monaghan          Mayo by 2
Clare v Meath                Clare by 3
Cork v Louth                  Louth by 2
Armagh v Tyrone            Tyrone by 8

Leitrim v Sligo                Sligo by 1
Fermanagh v Cavan        Cavan by 4

Carlow v Westmeath       Westmeath by 2
Offaly v New York           Offaly by 8

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Dublin v Kildare - Dublin by 12
Kerry v Limerick - Kerry by 9
Galway v Roscommon - Roscommon by 1
Donegal v Derry - Derry by 3

Offaly v Wicklow - Wicklow by 3
Carlow v Tipperary - Tipp by 6
Laois v Westmeath - Westmeath by 3

Longford v Fermanagh - Longford by 3
Leitrim v Antrim - Antrim by 6
Sligo v London - Sligo by 6
Cavan v Down -  Cavan by 10

Wexford v Offaly Offaly by 5

Wicklow v Waterford Wicklow by 3

Dublin v Meath - Dublin by 12
Kildare v Westmeath - Kildare by 3
Tipperary v Limerick - tipp by 3
Monaghan v Derry - Derry by 3
Cork v Kerry - Kerry by 6
Leitrim v Galway - Galway by 7
Donegal v Cavan - Cavan by 3
Wexford v Dublin -        Dublin by 10
Kildare v Louth -            Kildare by 3
Meath v Wicklow -         Meath by 6
Westmeath v Longford - Wmeath by 3     
Roscommon v Sligo -      Roscommon by 3
Clare v Limerick -           Clare by 3
Waterford v Tipperary - Tipperary by 6
Derry v Tyrone -          Tyrone by 1
Monaghan v Down -   Monaghan by 12

Apologies for lateness.
Quote from: illdecide on April 25, 2022, 09:50:54 AM
Just to clear up a few points...I did say 9 outta 10 refs will give a free out and that's what happened, not complaining about it at all.
As for KMcG keeping his job...not my decision but what i will say is bar a couple of players on starting 15 we don't have any other talent in the County. As for tactics you're prob correct, he should have had a better game plan but in general terms the best team with best players usually win and that's what happened yesterday.
The tackling previous post was not based on Armagh game yesterday, it was a general observation of our games in general where a player lifts his legs and falls and gets a free straight away.

Sorry,  but there is players equally as good if not better in the county that are not involved and they are bigger physically. If two players have the exact same talent set but one is 5' 2 and the other is 6' which of these players should you persevere with? It seems to me Kieran has persevered with the wrong type of players, has tried to make defenders out of forwards and doesn't want any players on that can think for themselves ie Robots.
There is a serious problem with the coaching in our county across all age grades and has been for a number of years.
Quote from: J70 on April 24, 2022, 08:39:15 PM
Well that was a heartening performance after a so-so league. Thoroughly deserved win for our boys on the day. Completely won the midfield battle, even if I was a bit worried at half time with all those poor misses (in fairness the conditions must have been a big factor with Armagh's similar misses in the second).  Great games from Murphy, McGee, Shane O'Donnell, Mogan, McHugh, Ban etc.

Will need to bring that intensity and competitiveness to the Cavan game. They ate us alive in that final two years ago. At least we'll be going in prepared this time.

Is there a more riveting sight in GAA than seeing a player like Ban Gallagher turn on the afterburners like Jack McCaffrey and Michael Donnellan used to do?

On the disallowed goal, are you allowed to strip the ball out of the keeper's hands?

Totally agree, Ban Gallagher absolutely brilliant footballer. Power, pace and made serious incisions straight through the middle of Armagh yesterday.
Quote from: naka on April 22, 2022, 10:14:34 PM
Quote from: J70 on April 22, 2022, 06:34:30 PM
I'd agree. Definitely a 50/50 match going in, and I think there'll be plenty of scoring.

That said, there are a few question marks over the match fitness of three or four players who would normally start for Donegal from midfield up, while McFadden-Ferry will be a big miss for us. Bonner said only Gallen is definitely out, but it would be far from the first time for him if he up-playing the fitness of the squad.

Part of me worries that we could be looking at a 1999 scenario when an up and coming Armagh announced themselves to the world in a Ballybofey quarter final (went to a replay that time, but Armagh came back from a seven point deficit in the first ten minutes and never looked back).
For some strange reason I see this weekend as 1999 revisited and Armagh make it back to the big time.
Sunday will tell us if we have another false dawn but I am definitely feeling positive

I hope you are right but can't see anything other than a Donegal win. Too many weak leaks on the current team compared to the 1999 team but, as I said,  I hope I am proved to be a pessimistic auld git!
Antrim v Cavan Antrim by 1
Donegal v Armagh Donegal by 4

Mayo v Galway Mayo by 2

Laois v Wicklow Laois by 3
Louth v Carlow Louth by 2
Offaly v Wexford Offaly by 3
Instigation of brawl by Donegal seems to have completely backfired on them at this stage.