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Topics - quit yo jibbajabba

sometimes the main page reads rather beautifully  ;D

before the thread police come along, ill delete this in a bit....
General discussion / Raoul Moat
July 06, 2010, 01:51:44 PM
...........or whatever ye call him; could we not have a heated debate about this man??

apologies if thread already started....
lads; the title says it all;
crowd headin down to dublin tomorrow for an all dayer; have a few rough ideas of where to go; but any advice of places to go/avoid would be appreciated also;

also, i saw on here a while back a few ideas of things to get the stag to do; not to humiliate him as i said, but just to make him sweat a bit/get the craic goin etc;
basically the crowd im goin with are a bit borin(they are lurkers on here,lol) so any ideas are welcome;

goin shappin for some threads here now, so cant reply to suggestions for a bit, but dont let me down!

and first one to say coppers gets a blue peter badge
General discussion / St Patricks Day Shenanigans
March 20, 2008, 12:52:04 PM
alrite chaps; my first thread creation, so go easy on me;
i know there was a St Patricks day thread there a day or two ago, hope this deserves a thread of its own...

from a smallish town in South Derry; on Saturday nite there, 3 of the local "free ireland" brigade amended our Town Hall sign to.............IRA own all......thought this was pretty good; from what ive heard, it was the walking up the street at 3am with ladders which was the giveaway.  They were arrested.  Just thought id share this with you, and ask you to share any similar neanderthal attempts at freeing ireland.....

We are also starting a "Free the conundrum three" campaign......