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A bit early to start this thread, or a bit late in comparison to other counties on the Board, but might as well do it now. What's the feelings about the year ahead at club level? There are considerable changes as regards team management, with a host of senior clubs seeking new bosses for 2007, indeed Coolera and St. Mary's still appear to have vacancies.

Of the known changes, Harps "welcome" back Denis Johnson to the helm, six years after his rather successful first stint ended. Tourlestrane replaced Frank Noone with an inside man as expected, but not the man I'd expected. Michael Henry (Co. minor boss 2003-04) defeated Neil Egan narrowly after a vote. Wouldn't surprise me if there is a degree of infighting in that corner this year. Tubbercurry, as previously stated here, have appointed one of Tourlestrane's better management graduates, Anthony Brennan, to the job, and they may well be ones to watch. Word is that Richard Brennan is back over the Bunnies again also. Not sure how Easkey and Castleconnor are fixed, and I imagine Jose Kearney will stay on at Curry. One club who are in a bit of bother are Ballymote, who are stuck for options. Apparently they sought our incumbent for the position, but he's sticking with us.

As regards how the competitions will go, Curry would naturally be one of the leading challengers, and it gives me no joy to say that. Will be hard to beat, though it is 18 years since Owen B was retained (then by St. Pat's, changed times now!). Tubber will be on an upward curve, though they may have to bide their time, aside from that the usual suspects (Tour, Harps, Mary's) will be there or thereabouts, and Coolera may bounce back after a difficult year gone, the Bunnies and Easkey will be hopeful of consolidating their place in 1A, if not more, and should be difficult opposition for all comers. For the 2005 1A intake, it may be farewell. Castleconnor have been surviving narrowly and will need to get the finger out this time (not to mention performing come C'ship). But if they're iffy, Ballymote are rightly fecked. No Munds for the year, no McTernan for some of it at least, and no manager yet. Nailed-on for league relegation, and if they're not careful they might slip out of the Championship too.

For 1B, Coolera and Tubber will be favourites to go up, hard to see who'll challenge them consistently. Shams gave a masterclass in inconsistentcy last year, while Farnan's and Enniscrone don't have enough. The North triumvirate of Calry, John's and Drumcliffe will make for interesting meetings, they may be relegation battles though. Enniscrone may fall here, with one of the town sides probably.

2A is of particular interest to OMS and co., as we continue our upward curve, though it may even out here. Will be hoping to stay in it at least, and not get scotched by any of the teams. Grange should go back up, and will be probable Intermediate frontrunners also(they have some Tyrone fella in charge this year), but Mullinabreena may struggle to return, their weekly cruciate patient list from autumn will take time to sort itself out. Still with all on board they'll be challengers. Harps will be there, but are in transition. One team who will be likely to go up are Geevagh, and probably will. May be a different story in the Championship though. Pat's, Michael's, Coolera and ourselves will likely be in the bottom half, Coolera may fall, and the other spot could be tight. Michael's have Clancy back over them this time so they will surely improve. All to play for here.

2B - With the greatest respect, who cares? Cloonacool may rise above the rest and bounce back, if Curry bother to field they'll be decent, Mary's may get over the line this time though. Farnan's and Ballisodare will be competitive, or the latter at least should be. It's not a league that would enthuse though. Have to stay out of it!

Hurling.....we'll get to that some other time.


magpie seanie:
As usual a good summation and starting point OMS. Looking forward to the draws for the championship which should take place soon. From my own club's point of view we are still smarting from our worst senior championship performance since 1999 and hoping to come back strong this year. We should make a strong push for promotion in the league. Personnel wise we should be better equipped anyway and I'm glad to say our managerial vacancy has been filled. After our gut wrenching relegation from intermediate last year we will be gung ho for a crack at the JFC as well. League survival for our second team is the target and will be tough but the extra bodies about the place may stand us in good stead.

Not going to talk too much about the other clubs but it will be interesting to see how Anthony Brennan gets on in Tubbercurry. They have a good bit of talent there alright.

As for predictions I'll only do one - St. Molaise Gaels to win the Intermediate Football Championship.

It will be an interesting year and I reckon a lot of shock could be in store.

Teeling Gael:
D Johnstons appointment at Harps looks the best appointment I've heard to date on the club scene and surely Harps will be very competitive at Championship time. Curry will obviously go close again and the confidence building exercise that 1B should be for both Coolera and Tubber will see them hitting the championship full of confidence. As ever Tourlestrane will be very competitive and can't see the winner coming from outside those 5 this year. Can't see the Bunnies going as close again and think Marys are in transition. Imagine Ballymote will be relegated from 1A and the west Sligo duo of Farnans and eniiscrone from 1B. Geevagh and Grange are deserved favourites for promotion from 2A though losing the county guys will stretch Geevagh in the league. Can't see Harps 2nd team being as competitive as surely a new senior manager will cast the net a bit wider in year 1. Cant see both ourselves and Coolera surviving but a good start is key here. in 2B Marys will surely be promoted and in my opinion 2nd place depends on regrades ( Curry ), soccer( Ballisodare) and ambition ( Cloonacool) . OMS -- Are Michaels taking their rightful place in this league this year ?? As seanie pointed out, Grange are favourites for Intermediate Championship but surely the higher division of football has to help Farnans / Enniscrone some year soon. Coolaney at full strength would win this championship but OMS has pointed out they have serious problems at the moment. Finally hard to look past Coolera in Junior !!

Seanie....agreed on SMG winning Intermediate. Too many question marks hanging over other challengers. Like Teeling said, ye'll be in a strong position for Junior, should keep it in the town area. ;D

Teeling.....Michael's will be in 2A, don't see why they wouldn't be. And they should be in better shape this time around. Hard to see who else could fall, unless Harps seriously regress, Mullinabreena fall asunder or Pat's really have a bad league run (that's possible though). We have our work cut out.

Teeling Gael:
OMS-- Referring to St Michaels I was actually referring to their second team taking their place in 2B after winning Division 3 last year .


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