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Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« Last post by Smurfy123 on Today at 05:04:49 AM »
Saturday game
Sunday rest/recover
Monday train
Tuesday rest
Wednesday replay

What's wrong with that?
If the game was a Friday well they would train the Wednesday anyway
General discussion / Re: 2017 Total Eclipse
« Last post by omaghjoe on Today at 04:31:59 AM »
Just reading Johnny Doyle's piece on the 42,ie and he pointed that O'Connor didn't have as much frees to swing over. He points that AOS tends to often be fouled as the only means to stop him.
If that's the case even if he wasn't directing play you are losing on him drawing frees that tend to be converted.
Honestly can a Mayo person answer if Seamie would not have been a better option considering you lose less from sticking him in there?

I was thinking the same myself overall you'd have to say it was a v strange decision. Not sure if it worked. The media obsession with Donaghy is bizaare, put a big man on him, get in his face, break the high ball, he's easy enough to put off his game and doesnt adpat well, he thrives on confidence dont give him any.... 08final was the template, not difficult. Mayo have managed to revive his career by not adjusting for him in '14 and now by putting their talisman on him.
Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« Last post by OgraAnDun on Today at 02:09:18 AM »
Why can you not answer??
4 days is plenty of time
What's the big problem??

Day after a championship match is a bit of a write off, back into training on the second day, then rest day and straight into the match? 6 days should be the minimum for a replay.
GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo v Kerry Replay, August 26.
« Last post by Captain Obvious on Today at 01:45:58 AM »
Who has the edge for the replay?

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I don't know how anyone can attribute two goals to Donaghy.

On the gaaboard you can.
I don't know how anyone can attribute two goals to Donaghy. For the second goal, Donaghy comes for the ball but Swamie knocks it away from him. Unfortunately/fortunately the ball falls into Moran's hands and it is his work that creates the goal scored by Buckley.
GAA Discussion / Mayo v Kerry Replay, August 26.
« Last post by Mayo4Sam14 on Today at 01:12:47 AM »
Who has the edge for the replay?
I had said somewhere earlier in the year that Conor O`Shea should been tried at full back, but he seems well down the list, doesn't even come off the bench anymore
Donaghy directly contributed to 2-3. a further point occured when he was involved in the build up passing move. Another when he balooned his shot in the 69th minute and Kerry scored from the break.

He destroyed O'se - no doubt about it. O se I think only once was within touching distance when KD received it. For the first goal AOS is not within an asses roar - Higgins is closer but no tackle goes in on Donaghy and he sets up the goal even running on for the return pass to finish himself but he s not needed. AOS is as effective as a bollard in the same position.
For goal 2-  its typical of the threat. Firstly a pass out to AOS on the wing which was not as bad as some are saying - he appears to be way to casual and certainly it would have been possible to win that ball. In any case the ball goes in . SOS actually breaks it but  od course its nigh on impossible to break the ball of Donaghy with any accuracy and Kerry runners ensure they goal here.

How anyone could say it was anything other than a daft decision for AOS to pick himself Rochford to pick AOS at fullback is beyond me.  As said earlier the weather would have meant fewer long ball opportunities, Vaughan I think would have negated and probably stopped the first goal and a couple of the points.
There were also another couple of opportunities set up by Donaghy as well as a poor enough wide from himself.

Its actually stunning how much space and time Donaghy had on the ball - that would not happen against the Dubs or Tyrone.
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