Derry Prediction League Week 6

Started by sbw, May 28, 2012, 12:12:12 PM

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Forgot all about it.... As i've got 15 pts from 3 weeks entries i'll give you all a chance to get a second head start  ;D ;D ;D


15 games played this week with 2 players HighWideAndHandsome and Oakleaflad both getting 13 from 15 and indeed both get 5 points we then had 3 players on 12 correct prediction Gimmearunout Benchwarmer and Keepthefaith93 and they all get 3 points.

High Wide and Handsome

I bet against Magherafelt too as I thought with 7 or 8 players Bellaghy might have too much for us. 14 out of 15 would have been nice.
"Swing er over!"