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Started by an púca, April 14, 2010, 09:25:52 PM

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an púca

Laochra Gael Series 9 – The Sagas
Laochra Gael Sraith 9 – Na Coimhlintí Móra

A new angle for this popular series, looking back on epic rivalries and sagas in hurling and football. Contributors include players, managers, commentators and analysts.
Sraith nua ag caitheamh súil siar ar choimhlintí móra na hiomána agus na peile. Inste ag imreoirí, bainisteoirí, tráchtairí agus anailísithe.

Laochra Gael (15/4/2010)
Programme 1 – Offaly v Kerry 1980-82

The first epic of the new series takes a look back at the classic Kerry v Offaly saga of the early 80's. A golden era for Kerry, but dramatically denied that historic five-in-a-row by Offaly.

With revealing interviews from Jack O'Shea, Mick O'Dwyer, Páidí Ó Sé, Mikey Sheehy, Eugene McGee, Seamus Darby and Pat Fitzgerald.

Laochra Gael
Clár 1 - Uíbh Fhailí v Ciarraí 1980-82

Caitheann an chéad chlár seo súil siar ar an sága idir Uíbh Fhailí v Ciarraí i dtús na 80daí. Ré órga do Chiarraí, ach an cúig-as-a-chéile ceilte go dramatúil ag Uíbh Fhailí orthu.

Cuirtear Jack O'Shea, Mick O'Dwyer, Páidí Ó Sé, Mikey Sheehy, Eugene McGee, Seamus Darby agus Pat Fitzgerald faoi agallamh.

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Very good .Thanks for the notice . I always think that what makes a great team is the opposition ?

That was some offaly team yet most of the kerry boys came back to win 3 more which in my eyes made them legends


That was some day and had the privelege of being on the Hill when Darby cracked the goal. Kings of September is a great book about this and how the players got on in life afterwards and how it affected them.


Quote from: longrunsthefox on April 15, 2010, 10:15:22 AM
Kings of September is a great book about this and how the players got on in life afterwards and how it affected them.

Great book - sad enough how it affected some of them alright

Paraphrasing - "I wouldn't be out the seven nights, but I'd have a fair cut off it the other six..."

an púca

Laochra Gael – Na Comhlintí, TG4 tonight/anocht @ 20:00

5 Sams

Couple of observations on an excellent programmme (Mar is gnath ar TG4) Watched it last night....I was shocked how old Egan looked (hope he's doing well) and how young Mikey looked!!

Not enough footage of the genius that is Matt Connor....ach amhain sin thar bharr mar i gconai lads..
The Aristocrat Years


"When it's too tough for them, it's just right for us"

5 Sams

Well An Puca...cad e ata ar bun agaibh don chead clar eile...?
The Aristocrat Years


I had forgotten how good Matt Connor was until I saw the clips, no wonder he is always talked about when great players are mentioned, a classy and a stand out player in an era of great players. 

an púca

TG4 22/04/10 @ 20:00

Laochra Gael (22/4/2010)
Programme 2 – Cork v Waterford 2002-2007
One of the most enthralling sporting rivalries of modern hurling, the Cork v Waterford clashes are brought back to life as we review their nine epic clashes in the Munster and All Ireland Championships from 2002 - 2007.
Contributors include Paul Flynn, Diarmuid O'Sullivan, Tom Kenny, John Allen, Nicky Cashin, Brendan Fullam and Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh.

Laochra Gael
Clár 2 - Corcaigh v Port Láirge 2002-2007
Is beag coimhlint a bhí chomh mealltach leis an gcoimhlint idir Corcaigh agus Port Láirge idir 2002 agus 2007.  Tugtar chun beatha arís na naoi gcinn de chluichí craoibhe a bhí eatarthu i rith an ama sin, cathanna epiceacha i gCraobh na Mumhan agus Craobh na hÉireann.
Orthu siúd atá páirteach sa chlár, tá Paul Flynn, Diarmuid O'Sullivan, Tom Kenny, John Allen, Nicky Cashin, Brendan Fullam agus Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh.


Aye... Matt Connor was something special. An excellent programme. I thought Jack O'Shea came across very well... another mighty man.   

A Quinn Martin Production

Just watched this last night.  Great programme.  Interesting how many goals were "basketballed" into the net in those days!
Antrim - One Of A Dying Breed of Genuine Dual Counties

ross matt

Well done again TG4. Offaly/Kerry produce much better quality of football than Dublin/Kerry in my opinion yet there is'nt half as much made about it. (not blaming the Dubs for that... kerry and themselves in that era booted alot of ball over the sideline and the games in general were very scrappy).

Offaly had such fine players then in the likes of Dunne, Lowry, Currams, Mooney, the Connors (especially Matt Connor - surely he'd still be the number one forward even today with his skill, balance and pace?). Credit to the Kingdom for coming back to win 3 more.

Jacko comes across very well. Great sense of humour. As I find Paidi such an attention seeking media clown these recent years it was nice to be reminded what a fine player he was. Very like his nephew Tomas today. Fitzgerald's emotion describing the final whistle of '82 is very moving.

Well done TG4.

an púca

TG4 @ 20:00 (29/4/2010)

Laochra Gael (29/4/2010)
Programme 3 – Tyrone v Armagh 2003-2005

A dynamic look at the one of the most ferocious series of battles in GAA history. Two long-time neighbouring rivals, Tyrone and Armagh heralded the beginning of a whole new brand of Gaelic football. Armagh's first All Ireland win in 2002 left them hungry for more, but a powerful Tyrone team had different plans.

With candid interviews from Mickey Harte, Ryan MacMenamin, Joe Kernan, Enda McNulty and Jarlath Burns.

Laochra Gael
Clár 3 - Tír Eoghain v Ard Mhacha 2003-2005

Súil siar fuinniúil ar cheann de na coimhlintí b'fhíochmhara i stair CLG. Thug na comharsain, Tír Eoghain agus Ard Mhacha, stíl nua peile dúinn lenar bhuaidh Ard Mhacha a gcéad chraobh Uile Éirinn riamh. Bhíodar cíocrach chun dul níos faide, ach bhí a mhalairt de thuairim ag Tír Eoghain.

Le hagallaimh ó Mickey Harte, Ryan MacMenamin, Joe Kernan, Enda McNulty agus Jarlath Burns.