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Just a collision. Two Tyrone players hit each other and then Kennedy I think collided with Burns. The free was for the foul in by the sideline. Ref didnít stop for the collisions.

He doesnít drop down on him. He does put his knees on his head when theyíre on the ground tho. Definite red.
What you can see clearly is Harte taking more than 4 steps. Refs need to clamp down on that or the rule needs changing as it isnít fit for purpose
Fair enough. At 1.46 on the clip it definitely looks like he dropped his knees imo.

Steps are a joke, but where do you start. If refs started being strict you wouldnít get a game finished. Most players take 5-6 at a standard every time. Makes it near impossible to properly defend against.

I disagree on the red card there. Well won by the Tyrone man.  Clever play.

May well be the most ridiculous post in the forums history, wish there was a clapping emoji!  :o

Ok. Then I look forward to the video of him. ďDropping the kneesí that should be easy found. Obviously the video will show what the Tyrone player is doing at the time

You're saying it's not a red card, that's beyond ridiculous. You could ask 1000 folk and 999 would rightly say its a red.

I could ask a million people and 5 million would correctly say it wasnít. See I too can make up meaningless statistics that add nothing. In the coverage Iíve seen I see OíNeill in a wrestle with a player who grabs him round the collar and round the leg. I see no deliberate movement of OíNeills knees towards him and I donít see him lift his feet when his knees are in contact so as to increase the weight on the Tyrone player. If the footage shows otherwise and shows the whole incident I will revise my opinion.

Imo you can see him dropping down on the Tyrone player pretty clearly. Iíve seen them missed to be fair so was well picked up by the umpire. He didnít seem to query it too much either which is a sure sign for me.

Poor game. Neither team be happy or putting fear into any teams. Expect both to be put out of their misery when we finally get to knockout games. Canít see either team putting it up to Mayo, Dublin, Kerry. Both mediocre teams. Canavan was excellent imo. Heís showing some signs of his heritage there with a few jinking runs. Will only get better.

If I had a pound for every time Marty  has said "that's a soft free for Tyrone " I could retire.
FFS, build a bridge. Thereís been poor calls both ways. The yapping on here bout red cards, black cards etc is a joke. There was one red card tackle. Ref got it right.

This is a good one from Dublin club football.

Division 2 league game in which Ciaran Archer was sent off (was one of Dublinís better players at his age group at minor and U20, not on the senior panel this year).

He was sent off for the incident below (Indo also has this video up on their report I believe)

In his report, the ref described it as an assault and said he suffered a rib injury.

Archer duly got the maximum suspension of 96 weeks for an assault on a referee.

Thankfully the video evidence surfaced, Archer appealed, and was cleared (although had to miss 2 games during the appeals process). It was judged to have been more likely to be accidental.

What did Archer do? It does look like he throws an arm or something at the ref on the way by. Looks very random. But might just be the angle as hard to tell as he was running behind the ref. Certainly doesnít look much in it, but still looks strange.

General discussion / Re: A United Ireland. Opening up the discussion.
« on: June 01, 2023, 10:59:40 AM »
It's just continuous political suicide. You can only imagine their conversations... how will we preserve the union? Ah we'll bring down stormont and make the whole place not work at all. That'll show them.
Genius  :o
I think most Unionist politicians are just in it for the career. They probably know it's a flawed tactic but all they care about is the next election and getting a job for another few years. They've now back themselves into a corner where they need to double down or they will lose votes at the next election.

Yeah itís just a case of not on my watch. They know you canít keep the taigs tide out. They donít want to be at the helm when the union goes down. So just trying to squeeze a bit more out of their base while they can.

What does everyone think of having a star of the week for U6?

Not sure I agree with it.

Donít do it. Causes agro. We had it running and ended up getting calls from parents about it. Does more damage than good imo.

Hope you told them to wise up and mind their own business?

Itís was very quickly pulled. And told all the kids they were all stars of the week and that mum and dad had to get them all McDonalds on the way home for being so good.

What does everyone think of having a star of the week for U6?

Not sure I agree with it.

Donít do it. Causes agro. We had it running and ended up getting calls from parents about it. Does more damage than good imo.

That was one of the best placed balls points Iíve seen. Unreal.

General discussion / Re: Gardening
« on: May 24, 2023, 12:30:50 PM »
I used some Autoglym Magna -
On an iron stain on tar. Helped a bit but not completely. But was the best out of the stuff I tried. Not cheap tho!!

GAA Discussion / Re: Go Games - Good or bad - discuss...
« on: May 24, 2023, 12:21:11 PM »
The way it was, was fine!! Have none competitive go games as a standard for u12, where all players get equal time. But then have a couple of blitzs to run off where there is competition for places. The following year itís going to be competitive games so why not blood them in at u12 while keeping the inclusive nature of go games.

But go games need to be none competitive. No if, buts about it. Equal times on pitch for all kids.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: May 23, 2023, 12:42:26 PM »
Players know when they join, or are with, the county that the will miss 5 starred games

Circumstances change. Itís not fair to take football of a player who decides to drop from a panel for whatever reason.

General discussion / Re: Smart watch/Fitness tracker
« on: May 22, 2023, 08:25:00 PM »
Bumping this thread after a few years.

Thinking of getting myself a new smartwatch, for doing a bit of walking. Given my price range, the two I have narrowed it down to are the Garmin Vivoactive 4 (£199) and the Samsung Galaxy 5 watch (£239).

The Samsung appears to have the much better spec but Iíve read reviews where people are complaining about the accuracy of the info it gives, e.g. steps, heart monitor etc.

Anyone with first hand experience?

Had the vivioactive 4. Good watch. Heart and steps all spot on as youíd expect for a garmin. Doesnít have all the fancy bells and whistles for running like you get in a forerunner. But covers all the main things. Also got contactless etc as well which is handy. Charge is grand if youíre not using gps for running. I found it needed charging every couple of days if doing runs. But decent watch.

Look thereís always a bit of over analysis of the ref when a team loses. Tyrone arenít unique in that sense. For me, the red was a definite red. And it was the only one during the game that warranted a red.
The other decisions werenít huge. I was surprised to see the black as it is rarely given. I donít thing Morgan was that much over the top of what you see in any heated game. But by the letter of the law itís a black. Although I donít feel weíll see that many more given like that. Certainty not by anyone other than Gough.
The rest of the game was as youíd expect. Most calls went as they should.
Still feel Galway managed the game within themselves. Would that have been different 15 on 15? I donít know. Neither team looked that sharp in the early exchanges and I think Galway had certainly looked stronger in the opening 15-20 so not sure we would necessarily have won if Burns didnít get red.
For Galway, it was a solid, if underwhelming performance. But thatís the sort of game that Tyrone could have pulled a draw or win out of 4-5 years ago. Galway definitely look more structured and solid than before. Think they have definitely thrown off the label of being lightweight or soft. They have a physical edge that teams need to get over the line. They have a lot to be confident about.
Tyrone need changes. Whether that comes from older heads finding form again or the new breed. But we need to work on our defensive shape. That will win games. We have forwards there who know how to score. And ones that I think will get better in the dryer days. But without a solid foundation, it wonít matter.

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