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Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
Today at 09:25:22 AM
Quote from: Wildweasel74 on Today at 12:26:01 AMGot too many bad memories rewatched Derry v Donegal 2006 other nite and Derry v Monaghan 2007, last night. Christ we were poor, the players they had then, probably better than now, and we only got a league title to show for it. Tactics was non-existant, with always 5/6 different players always injured each year. What Mickey Harte had done with that team if he been over it at thd time. !!

These players we had at the time were so good they couldn't put back to two wins together in the ulster championship over how many years.  Yes I agree a highly talented bunch  ;D  ;D  ;D The kicker line was, and I nearly pissed myself laughing when you when you came with the 'probably better then now' ;D  ;D  ;D  feck me how daft can you you be. A group of players who couldn't put one 'back to back win' in Ulster verses a team double Ulster winning team who missed qualifying for the All Ireland final this year by hair.  ;D  ;D  ;D Have you tried stand up comedy yet?
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
September 28, 2023, 02:57:15 PM
Quote from: weareros on September 28, 2023, 02:06:33 PMRugby is a game that takes its toll. Route to world cup likely includes South Africa (already beaten in a draining game), Scotland, New Zealand, Wales, France or SA again. Generally you could expect a top team to be removed in the other half. If Ireland are to win, that will not be the case. Will have to beat 5 of Top 6 ranked teams (by the time we meet Wales, they will have taken 6th spot from England). It's a tall order. Arragh we'll win the whole feckin thing no bother.

Thats fair enough but all the other teams have a similar path, no easy routes for anyone, Ireland are as well placed as the rest to cope.
GAA Discussion / Re: County Manager Merry go round
September 21, 2023, 03:26:23 PM
The entitlement is strong in this one
Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
September 21, 2023, 12:49:36 PM
Jez thats some leap tbrick.
Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
September 21, 2023, 09:57:38 AM
Quote from: onefineday on September 21, 2023, 06:33:24 AMYou'd just hope the players were consulted in advance and were enthusiastic about this appointment, if not it might prove to be the most disastrous managerial switch since wee Eamon was moved on.
Given the position we're in with a young highly motivated squad and a few years of successful underage teams hopefully starting to come through, this appointment was always going to be pivotal. From a player's point of view, I can't see how the prospect of going to play for Mickey could be in any way appealing. The backroom team will have to be highly innovative to make up for the man at the helm.
Hopefully I'll be eating my words in 9 months time, but I can't understand this appointment and think it'll end in tears, let's hope it doesn't completely derail our chances with this group of players.

Are u serious, he is one of the best managers of all time ffs. There isn't a team he has taken that has not done well. Derry won't be regressing any time soon.
GAA Discussion / Re: County Manager Merry go round
September 21, 2023, 09:51:00 AM
Quote from: RedHand88 on September 21, 2023, 08:37:18 AM
Quote from: illdecide on September 21, 2023, 12:40:24 AMTyrone wans hounded him out when he clearly wanted to stay, Micky believed what he achieved with Tyrone that he could stay on for as long as he liked but majority of Tyrone wans wanted him out and they got their wish. No big deal when he managed Louth but now he's got a bigger and better opportunity on his door step with little to no travelling and because it's the next door neighbours Tyronies are having a fit...Wise's like when you get rid of the girlfriend but find out she's found another man and you don't like it ;D

Will be interesting if/when Derry play Tyrone what reaction he'll get

Is it bigger and better? He's going from a county with 3 all-ireland to a county with 1 all-ireland.

As I said before, Tyronies upset show there entitlement almost in every post. Derry are better, your entitlement can't allow you see it. Derry are close, Harte knows it, your entitled mind set prevents you from knowing it. I hope Derry draw Tyrone so we illustrate once again we have a better team.
GAA Discussion / Re: County Manager Merry go round
September 19, 2023, 03:55:15 PM
All the Tyrones wans crying bout Harte, they wanted him out, pushed him out and now they are crying about where they want him to manage or not. The entitlement.
GAA Discussion / Re: Falls from Grace
September 19, 2023, 11:14:12 AM
Quote from: brokencrossbar1 on September 19, 2023, 08:39:31 AMCastleblayney Faughs,  record Monaghan title holders, had the highest number of county titles in the country till we surpassed them, haven't won a senior in 20 years and relegated to Intermediate last year for first time in their history.

Didn't know that, mayor shock. The coaching in the club must be a mess.
Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
September 19, 2023, 10:59:17 AM
This does not sit well with me. Harte has no love for Derry football. Couldn't have.
Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
August 27, 2023, 12:23:36 PM
Ballinderry also in a bigger mess. When were they ever beaten by 10 never mind 15. Unheard of
GAA Discussion / Re: County Manager Merry go round
August 19, 2023, 05:38:15 PM
Quote from: tyrone08 on August 17, 2023, 09:27:45 PM
Would love to see Jim back at donegal as it will expose him for what he is. A one trick pony who took a talented bunch of players and pushed them to the absolute extreme and managed to squeeze out an AI.

He probably shorted a few players career's with his extreme training but rode off into the sunset a hero after only a few years there. Now as a failed soccer manager he might be back.

Best case is he wins an ulster. Could be proven wrong but time will tell.

The bitterness of this post 😂😂😂😂
He put Tyrone in his box for sure.
Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
August 15, 2023, 01:05:05 PM
Quote from: Real Talk on August 14, 2023, 12:01:57 AM
Anyone at the Glen Lavey game .... are there none of the Downey family playing for them ... are they all with St Bridgets ??

and is McFaul injured ?

he was chb
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
August 15, 2023, 01:04:34 PM
Personally I thought 04 was never to be forgotten. Tyrone, All Ireland champs didn't score in the first half as we put you in our back pocket. You just lay down.
Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
August 13, 2023, 09:44:53 PM
Quote from: Brendan on August 13, 2023, 09:17:29 PM
Quote from: Waataboutyee on August 13, 2023, 09:00:13 PM
Very little chat on here on the group games. Thoughts?
Didn't get to any of them today but Mfelt beating Slaughtneil seemed to be the only major shock?
Good win for the city men v Kilrea.

Does that qualify as a shock? Lavey gave Glen a good rattle especially with a man sent off within 10 minutes in a completely senseless action. Hard to read much into these group games when so many teams will go through regardless

What tosh, only 8 teams out 14 go through to quarter finals. bottom two teams from each group play off to avoid relegation with two being relegated. The games I have seen have been competitive bar the two Dungiven games. Fair play to Steelestown at our expense unfortunately.
GAA Discussion / Re: Standard of Refs
July 31, 2023, 01:59:36 PM
just seen that sorry, I meant to put McQuillians name into the post instead of Gough. And that was the pt, the absolute inconsistency in standards of what is a tackle or tackles resulting in cards.