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Started by Loup Bandit, May 08, 2007, 04:25:59 PM

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Loup Bandit

From what i seen at the weekend, Dungiven should get through anyway and be a force against whoever they meet in the quarter finals. very strong half back line of the two mc keever's and hinphey. Paul maurphy was exceptional and padraig murphy got out in front of his marker every time.
Having seen the lavey and glenullin game last nite, lavey have to be credited with a very good performance where most people had written them off. They can count themselves very unlucky not to have won the game, or at very least have got a draw.

Was surprised to learn that Bellaghy drew with Kilrea but it will maybe do no harm and its very early days yet.

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loup bandit u rebel, a break away discussion board.

welcome to the continuity Derry club football and hurling discussion board  :D :D

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Maybe all the Loup posters could post in here from now on!!



ah come on will we havent been that bad!


**loup culchie in not knowing his way round a keyboard shocker**
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any truth that mc closkey would only join the derry setup if he had his say on some of the new faces to join the panel this years.... was talking to a few of the dery lads and there sayng the first thing he did was get on the phone to eoghan brown and ciaran mc goldrick asking them to join....this could a new era for derry gaa.


I thought he'd have gone outside Ulster after all the time he spent with Armagh - but there you go - loyalty means nothing  -


Excuse my ignorance but who are the 2 fella's you mentioned? Why are they currently not on the panel?


Eoin Brown is from Bellaghy and has done nothing to merit the rave attention which he is getting. Tomorrow is the first decent team they have played all year. The other boy, never heard tell of him so how Mccloskey knows about him ??? ??? ???


Seriously lads, McCloskey shuld have no input beyond fitness.

he certainly would know nothing about club football in armagh so i don't know how he could know the derry scene.

peter griffin

come on now! Ciaran Mc Goldrink in a county panel? There are at least 10 better forwards than him in the county! We need a few big men in there! We were bullied out of it last year! Mc CLoskey a great addition tho


ciaran mcgoldrick scored 2-6 today against greenlough, took the apart by himself

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QuoteSeriously lads, McCloskey shuld have no input beyond fitness

He had a fair input with Armagh.  A lot more than Paul Grimley.  Maybe that was one of the reasons that Paul stepped down last year.

I wouldn't rate McCloskey as high as Big Joe did.